Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Visitors from the West...

Mom and Rod arrived for their summer visit last Wednesday afternoon. It was a much anticipated visit for all parties involved. The weather decided to give them a good taste of what summer in Iowa means (hot and humid), but that didn't slow us down much. (Afternoon naps a good for recharging all...young and not so young.)

Wednesday night Grandma and Grandpa got to watch one of Lexi's softball games. Thursday brought visits to the Tiny Circus compound, the grocery store, the farmers market, and Dairy Barn. Friday after Mom/Grandma joined me for yoga at the studio, we managed both a stop at our local quilt store and a visit to the weaving convention vendor fair that just happened to be in town last week before finding time for an afternoon rest. Friday evening we ventured to Des Moines for the annual downtown Arts Festival and a visit to the Tiny Circus booth. We have never attended opening night at the Arts Festival and now we know it's not the night to go. The fest was packed. Saturday afternoon or even Sunday is much more our pace.

Saturday we decided to head east to the Amana Colonies...a much quieter destination more Grandma and Grandpa's pace. We enjoyed quilt store stops, hearty food, local brewed beer and wine, and plenty of leisurely walking. Before we left town I hit a new little coffee shop called Java Junction for one the absolute best iced lattes I have ever drank. If you're ever in Amana, IA...I definitely suggest a visit!

After all the going, Sunday we decided it was best just to stay home as on Monday Mom and Rod would be going again...this time towards home in Nebraska. Sunday evening Jason joined us having closed up the Arts Festival with Tiny Circus and we headed to a local park to grab some family pictures. It seems that having us ALL together at once is so rare these days we needed to document the occasion while we had a chance! Those photos, and a few random others, have been posted to our Shutterfly sight.

Monday morning our Nebraska guests packed up and headed west after hugs, kisses, and a few tears. It's always so hard to say goodbye knowing the time between times together is WAY too long. We always enjoy getting to share our home and our community with loved ones. The hours spent together whether resting or going are so very precious.

Thanks Mom and Rod for making the trek east. We already look forward to the next time you are able to do so! Hugs and kisses!!!


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MS said...

Glad you had a good visit...I love that bottom picture!! It's really wonderful.