Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hitting a Wall...

Last night Scott and I joined some friends for some poker, beers, and fun conversation. We got home around 11:30, which in itself isn't a know, night owl that I tend to be. The problem is falling asleep AFTER I've passed the drowsy hour.

So last night I got home and was all like "Gotta get to sleep, class is in t-minus 8 hours."

And sleep was all like "Ha, ha, bet you can't catch me."

And I was all "Come on, can't we work out an agreement?"

And sleep was all like "OK, but I'm gonna be restless."

And I was all like "My shoulders are cold. The dog is crowding my feet. I wonder what time it is?"

And sleep was all "Ha, ha. Told you so."

And now...I'm hitting a wall having avoided a nap today so that hopefully tonight we don't have to play these little games again.

Deal sleep?

Oh, and my brother arrives tomorrow. For the summer. YEA!


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