Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Snips...

Brea got her first haircut today. Mary Beth, my stylist, did an amazing job making Brea feel very special. I don't know who was having more fun...Brea or Mary Beth. Even though she only got an inch or so cut off to get rid of the thin, wispy, rat causing ends, it has totally changed her face from toddler to little kid.

We now have a very cute little certificate commemorating her first cut with a tiny baggy of her blond locks attached. That Mary Beth thinks of everything!

I do got a trim and a brow wax. It may sound weird, but it's so nice to have that pain inflicted by someone besides myself once in a while.

Tomorrow it's Lexi's turn to freshen up the do. Gotta get looking their (both B and L) best for flower girl duty this weekend! Don't worry, I'm sure plenty of pictures of the occasion will be posted...how can I NOT?!


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