Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mother of the Flower Girls...

The girls were part of a a family wedding celebration yesterday as flower girls. They have been looking forward to this day for months. As the mother of the flower girls I know this day is not all about them, but it's so fun to help them feel like princesses for the day. (And maybe I have more than a few picture documenting the occasion...heavily weighted towards the flower girls of course. Sorry Pam, I'm sure you would have like a few more snaps of the bride and groom...luckily they had their own photographer.)

We had a lovely day. The wedding was beautiful, the reception great fun (the photo booth was a BLAST), and it was a good thing Brea feel asleep during the ceremony since she needed that rest to be able close down the dance floor at the end of the night! Thanks Matt and Jess for allowing our little princesses to be part of your special day. Congrats...have a fabulous time in Jamaica!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Snips...

Brea got her first haircut today. Mary Beth, my stylist, did an amazing job making Brea feel very special. I don't know who was having more fun...Brea or Mary Beth. Even though she only got an inch or so cut off to get rid of the thin, wispy, rat causing ends, it has totally changed her face from toddler to little kid.

We now have a very cute little certificate commemorating her first cut with a tiny baggy of her blond locks attached. That Mary Beth thinks of everything!

I do got a trim and a brow wax. It may sound weird, but it's so nice to have that pain inflicted by someone besides myself once in a while.

Tomorrow it's Lexi's turn to freshen up the do. Gotta get looking their (both B and L) best for flower girl duty this weekend! Don't worry, I'm sure plenty of pictures of the occasion will be can I NOT?!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hitting a Wall...

Last night Scott and I joined some friends for some poker, beers, and fun conversation. We got home around 11:30, which in itself isn't a know, night owl that I tend to be. The problem is falling asleep AFTER I've passed the drowsy hour.

So last night I got home and was all like "Gotta get to sleep, class is in t-minus 8 hours."

And sleep was all like "Ha, ha, bet you can't catch me."

And I was all "Come on, can't we work out an agreement?"

And sleep was all like "OK, but I'm gonna be restless."

And I was all like "My shoulders are cold. The dog is crowding my feet. I wonder what time it is?"

And sleep was all "Ha, ha. Told you so."

And now...I'm hitting a wall having avoided a nap today so that hopefully tonight we don't have to play these little games again.

Deal sleep?

Oh, and my brother arrives tomorrow. For the summer. YEA!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Napping Buddies...

Slowly I'm continuing to de-clutter our house. The other day was rainy and cool and provided the perfect setting to sit with a big box of old paperwork (bank statements, insurance EOBs, outdated insurance renewal notices, etc) to finally sort through and decide what indeed NEEDS to be kept and filed away for future reference and what just needed to visit the shredder. Two of my helpers crashed out about an hour into sorting.

What a pair of they are.

I don't know that I would have had the stamina to get the job all done in one day if it wasn't for reinforcement arriving at 3:10 after school...Lexi. Lexi loves to sit and feed things through the shredder. Page after page after page after page...

(And yes, we have discussed shredder safety and I'm happy to say all fingers are accounted for in our house.)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

The annual kite festival here in Grinnell is happening this weekend. It's plenty windy today, that's for certain. Windy and cool, but sunny. As always we had a great time running into friends and checking out all the amazing kites riding the wind.

Thanks Rich, Ayla, and Stella for letting the girls give the ol' butterfly a few minutes of wing time.


Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little Friday Laugh...

Sometimes we all just need a laugh. I got this graphic in an email the other day with the subject line: "Why men should not be allowed to take phone messages."

Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 Years...

15 years ago this month my Grandpa, Edward Reitz, passed away. This morning when I opened my email I had a message from my Aunt Carol with the text of a short memorial message my Grandma placed in her local paper. Included was this photo of Grandpa.

seeing his cheery face made me smile.

I wouldn't have known it's been 15 years, though I could have done the math. It was finals week at the end of my freshman year of college. I had not planned to go home at the end of the week because I was enrolled in a 3 week analytical chemistry course that started the Monday right after finals. My Mom called Scott to ask when my finals would be over as she didn't want the news of Grandpa's passing to affect my remaining tests. Of course once I received the news there was no question about making the trip home for the funeral. It would be a short and intense trip, but so necessary for so many reasons.

I've been fortunate in my life in the fact that I've not had to say goodbye to many loved ones. I remember being so worried about viewing Grandpa's body. I'd viewed cadavers in a medical A&P lab, but hadn't much had to look at the lifeless body of someone who I'd loved. I was surprised when viewing his body wasn't the most difficult part of the ceremony. I mean yes, that was Grandpa's body, but it wasn't Grandpa. His body, his face, carried nothing I knew of him without his spirit.

Grandpa Reitz was a kind, caring, generous, loving, smart, amazing man. He made us grand kids popcorn on the stove top with his old hand turn corn popper, which we enjoyed with a small juice glass of Coke. He loved black licorice and kept a canister of bit sized pieces on the kitchen counter. It was almost impossible not reach into for a piece or two when we were out visiting the farm, and to this day I think of my Grandparent's farm when I eat a piece of black licorice. In the summer there was a bag of snack sized Snickers bars in the freezer which Grandma packed into a small cooler with a few sodas so we could take treats out to Grandpa and the guys in the field for afternoon break. At Christmas, even though the rule was kids opened their gifts first once all the packages were passed out, Grandpa could never wait and would rip into his presents with the joy of a kid set free in a candy store. Grandma would always scold him. Then we would all laugh. Such small, simple memories, but ones I will always carry with me.

In high school I had to do an interview project and choose to interview my Grandparents. While I can't remember the point of the project or any specific questions which I asked, I will always remember the time spent learning about who my Grandparents were before they were my Grandparents. I may have never known that they had lived and farmed in California and had watched their neighbors/friends be taken away to internment camps during WW II simply because of their Japanese heritage. I might have never learned that one of their favorite pastimes when they were young was hitting the skating rink and that apparently they were a pretty hot couple on 16 wheels.

This past March when we ventured west for our annual visit "home" the girls and I spent some time visiting Grandma Reitz. At one point Brea, with her 3-year-old perspective on life, ask where "the Grandpa" was. In her world Grandmas and Grandpas just naturally come as a pair. Grandpa simply responded that "the Grandpa" was no longer here. And then she turned to me with such sadness in her face and commented that it had almost been 15 years since his passing. It was such an intimate moment. A moment when her love for him and her heart break for his loss vividly flashed across her face. So intimate I was almost uncomfortable in the intensity of the energy of that brief moment. I think as grand kids it's easy to forget that our grandparents existed in a time and life before we physically came to know them. That they shared many years of joys, struggles, accomplishments, and heart-breaks that welded their love and friendship and helped to define our family.

I often think of my Grandpa Reitz in the spring. He was a farmer through and through. I love heading out of town into the country side this time of year for nothing more than the smell of freshly turned earth. My grandpa loved the farm. Loved the process. Loved to share his knowledge and appreciation for the land that helped him to provide for his family. My heart only needs one sniff of the organic richness of the fresh, moist spring earth to understand the blessings that came with being loved by my Grandpa. It's that same sniff of soil that assures me that while physically not present, he is still very much here sharing my life and my family with me. The blessings continue.


Monday, May 4, 2009


I was going to suggest to Brea that she lay down for a little rest after she finished her lunch as she seemed kinda tired.

Apparently she didn't need the suggestion...


Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcoming Baden...

Meet Baden.

Baden is vacationing at our house for the summer. His "grandma" dropped him off today on her way to catch a flight in Des Moines (from Sigourney) to go meet her new human grand-baby. Baden usually resides in Austin, TX, but since his mommy joined my brother for the A2NY ride, he made the trip north to Iowa and likes it so much he's decided to stay. Actually, my brother is keeping watch over him for Ally for the summer, hence how he ended up on our door step today. He can help us count down the days until Jason arrives on that same door step in a little over 2 weeks.

Baden is pretty chill, which is good since he's about twice the size of our dogs. He also likes smaller dogs, which is good since he'll be living with 2 of them for the next 3-4 months. Jasper was pretty excited about Baden's arrival as he has before had a bigger best friend, our lab Libby. Tilde is a neurotic freak, but seems to be adjusting to the existence of this strange 4 legged creature in HER space. After some initial trepidation, Brea has also warmed up to Baden and the existence of his snout right at her nose level. He seems to be quite fond of her as well. Their friendship was sealed when Baden took rest at her feet while she was sitting at the table eating a snack. I don't know if he understands the benefit of being close at hand when a small person is eating, but he has positioned himself perfectly to soon find out.

Everyone has seemed to fall into their own space and rhythm since Baden's arrival 2.5 hours ago. It's weird to be able to have a furry head to pet at your side without having to bend down. Nice actually...I miss having bigger dogs. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that with Baden's arrival I have realized that I not only regularly hold human-like conversations with my own dogs, but apparently I will just as readily do so with other furry, 4 pawed friends. We had a nice talk about Tilde and her neurotic personality and that eventually you learn to accept it for what it is and mostly ignore her quirks.

And now maybe I have said too much...