Friday, April 17, 2009

The Other Kids...

I realized it's been awhile since I posted about our other kids. You know, the dogs. Seriously, with the welcome of Tilde into our family, we've become "those" people. You know, the ones who treat their dogs like people. There's something about her neurotic personality that requires extra pampering and patience which has somehow boosted both her and Jasper's status in the fam. The girls adore the dogs and spoil them rotten. (And honestly so do Scott and I, so it's not all their fault.) I can't even begin to imagine our family without them and their endless shedding and scattered bits of soggy, half eaten raw ride chews strung about the house.

So having explained how important the dogs are as members of our family, imagine my horror yesterday when the couch swallowed Tilde's head!

ACTUALLY, Tilde was cleaning the cereal bar crumbs from between the cushions after Brea's morning snack. She's helpful that way. But it struck me funny and luckily I had the camera close at hand.

Jasper is totally loving the onset of spring and sunnier floor spaces in which he can nap.(Being that he's 11-12 years old, napping is a pretty big theme in his life.) During the winter months there's only a short period of time each morning when he can usually find a sliver of sunlight in which to curl up. But now in addition to ample morning rays, the dining room window offers up some late afternoon sun in which he can hang out while I'm making dinner.

This happens to be a rare moment when Tilde was not close at hand pestering him...a fact which both annoys him AND gives some youthful spark to his normal quiet, "nap a lot" demeanor.

As I type this, all four of the kids are crashed out. 3 are asleep...the 2 furry mutts and the youngest monkey. The 4th is chllin' watching a movie. How lucky am I to have such a great bunch of munchkins to love!


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