Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Human Connection...

I often think about why I continue to blog. Why I spend time maintaining this little spot. Why I continue to take time to read the words of other bloggers out there...some close family and friends, some distant strangers. Of why social networking sites are the biggest business on the internet these days. Some may see that time spent as a waste. Time that could be spend reading my girls a book. Making improvements to our house. Working on my latest crafty project.

But just like so many life activities, I see my choice to blog as just that...a choice. And while my initial interest came from wanting to have a place to play around online and learn a little more about how it all works, both for personal information and because at the time it was useful for my job, I choose to continue updating because of a very unexpected thing that I've found blogging (and in general the boom of social networking applications available these days) creates...a human connection. A reminder, sometimes gentle and cheery, sometimes sad and real, that the world is a very small place full of people just like me. Just like you. People with thoughts, dreams, passions, families, problems. It has helped me be more compassionate to the whole of human kind. It has given me faith in the goodness of people when our media is so focused on the issues that create division and destruction. In a world where friends and families are spread around the globe, blogging has allowed me to share the little everyday joys and struggles of our family. It connects people with common interests where they can exchange ideas, collaboratively problems solve, and share their latest accomplishments. No matter how successful, how technologically advanced, how affluent a society becomes, we all still have the need to make basic human connections.

The weird thing about the internet is it breaks down some of the common social filters many of us choose to employ during our face to face interactions with people. I often feel safer sharing my honest thoughts and feelings through the written word than in conversation. For good or bad. In many ways blogging has deepened relationships I have with people whom I regularly interact with in a face to face manner. It's sparked conversations that may otherwise not have been had. It's allowed me to learn a little more about friends with whom I just don't get enough "coffee time" because of our busy schedules or the miles between us. It has connected me to people around the world whom I might never have otherwise crossed paths.

And on mornings like today catching up on what my blog roll has to say, it brings tears to my eyes reading the very real account of a very real struggle in a blogger's (and Dad) local neighborhood, and the thoughts of his young daughter, a little girl close to Lexi's age. (I suggest reading the entry with a tissue close at hand.)

It's a reminder just how precious life is in each and every moment. Just how connected our hearts are regardless of where we live. Of the importance of making connections with those around us whether it be in our family, in our neighborhood, or in the greater connection of humanity. A reminder not to wait until a more convenient time arises, as that time may be too late. It reminds me of how lucky and how thankful I am that our family sits here this lazy Sunday morning safe and healthy. And how that can all change in the briefest of moments.

I'm a worrier. Mostly in regards to the safety of those closest to me. I read this story and my heart broke thinking about the little boy left to grow up with only memories of his Dad. And I immediately wanted to pull my own girlies close "just in case." But most of all it reminds me to cherish and celebrate and notice each and every moment of our lives. Good. Bad. Exciting. Boring. Hard. Easy. The fact we get to experience each of those moments together is such a blessing. And no amount of worrying can protect us from our futures. As hard as it is in practice, I again make the intention to move forward living with less worry. To enjoy life fully for what it has to offer, not for what may be lurking in the shadows.

I wish you a day full of present moments, free from worry, and full of life.


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