Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating LOVE...

Today the Iowa Supreme Court made a ruling (unanimously) that will result in the legal recognition of same sex marriages in the state of Iowa. Score one for love!

I feel so fortunate to be a resident of this little progressive state here in the middle of the USA. To be raising my children in a place that (for the most part) celebrates having an open mind...and an open heart.

As many of you know, normally I'm not one to make much mention of things political OR controversial. But I couldn't let this one pass.(I'm probably opening a big ol' can of worms here, but sometimes you've gotta get your hands dirty to get any work done. And I'm lucky to live in a place that allows me to have and express my opinions! Feel free to comment and let your thoughts be known too...even if you disagree with me.)

No matter how I look at this issue, I can't understand the opinion held by opponents of the legalization of same sex marriages. With most issues, I think I'm pretty good about understanding both points of view. Truly having an open mind, and an open heart, means being respectful of every one's opinions. Especially when they don't align with your own. We are humans after all and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.

Lexi has a classmate who has 2 moms. Lexi is well aware of this fact. In her 7-year-old mind there is no reason that having 2 moms should be any different than having a mom and a dad. Or only a mom. Or only a dad. Or two with a mom and one with a dad. All she cares about is that her friend is nice. Her moms are nice. And their family is a safe place full of love. End of story.

How beautifully simple is that? I wish we could all have such a simple view of life. And on this particular issue I don't see why we can't.

Whether opponents of same sex marriage cite their religious beliefs, or simply their own personal values, I feel as if their view is based on a foundation of fear and hatred. I can't honestly understand why anyone should think the law should be able to set the parameters for recognition of a loving, committed relationship. I get laws like bans on smoking in public areas. Or laws against drunk driving. Our world is a healthier, safer place as a result of such measures. But laws that limit personal rights on issues that ONLY affect the individual(s) involved? I can't get behind such measures.

Even if I wasn't accepting of same sex relationships, recognition of same sex marriages has absolutely no affect on my personal rights as a heterosexual. My "traditional" marriage to a man is of no less value to me or to the state. As for religious beliefs, I'm not even going to go there. We're talking about the laws of man here...not of the divine. And as far as I'm concerned any religious teachings and "evidence" can always be slanted to support the opinions of our egos and justify our actions. It's not my place to say which slant is the correct one. I can only know which nurtures my spirit and hope that those of you reading this know which nurtures yours.

So from where I stand, this ruling really only has positive implications. Nobody loses. However, homosexual couples have tons to gain. Gain is good. Especially when it's made in the name of love.

As a world we too have much to gain. We get to celebrate love in all of it's many, many forms. We get to embrace the differences that make us each unique why championing an emotion, a basic need, that we share as humans. We get to foster loving relationships and families regardless of their core constitution. We get to take one step closer to a world based on love and acceptance, and one big step away from fear and hatred. How cool is that!?!?



Laura said...

Well said, sister!

MS said...

Right on!

Laura said...

it's been quite a day! Thank you for sharing your thoughts...there are many people who consider themselves religious who are thrilled beyond belief at this ruling. I just happen to be one of them. For me, all love comes from God.

Sara said...

I couldn't agree more! The first thing that came to mind was whether Jean and Cheryl would relocate since Jean already works in C.B.! We both know that Jean is a much more complete person because of Cheryl! I am happy for them! I am also touched by Lexi's perspective. I haven't had that experience as a parent yet, but as a teacher and it was probably one of the most pivotal moments of my career!