Friday, April 10, 2009


Austin (TX) to (South Lima) New York.

On a bike.

Approximately 1800 miles.

Self supported. (Carrying everything you need to, besides food, on the bike with you.)

This is the current adventure on which my brother has embarked.

It's the first of what I'm quite certain will be several (if not many) bike tours Jason takes in his lifetime.

You can follow along on he and Ally's (his riding partner for the trip and general friendly gal) trip on their ride journal or through his frequent updates on Twitter. The ride journal is a few days behind, but includes pictures and more information about their adventures than the short 140 characters that Twitter allows. I personally love the Twitter updates. I have them sent to my phone so that several times a day I get a little Tweet updating me on their location and general well being. For a worry wart like myself, it's a nice little connection afforded by technology.

I have so many emotions, so many things I wish I could articulate about Jason and Ally's adventure. But without rambling on and on, no doubt through a flood of tears, let me just say how thankful, excited, envious, and inspired I am by this undertaking. Thankful that after a less than kind year of events (the cancer, the suicide of a very close friend) Jason has the strength, physically and mentally, for such an adventure. Excited that even though he's been told more than once his decision to leave a good job (with full benefits) to take this trip and spend the summer figuring out where life will lead him next was not "smart", he chose to follow his heart and live his life in a way that truly feeds his spirit. Envious and inspired that generally in life he weighs his options and then moves forward in the direction that speaks to him, not allowing fear or uncertainty stand in his way, and being totally OK with the outcome, good or bad. His example has lessons for us all...especially those of us who tend to live on the "safe" and "sensible" side of life because it's comfortable and predictable. In my own case, fear of the unknown, the possibility for failure, often plays much more into my life decisions that I would like to admit.

Check out the journal. Send him your thoughts, encouragement, and prayers for a safe journey. And think about what your next adventure might take you...


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