Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3! How can that be?

In so many ways it does not seem possible for us to have celebrated Brea's 3rd birthday last month. Yet I watch her entertain herself during the day as she colors, "reads", and imagines her own little worlds, and I often have to remind myself that she is ONLY 3!

She has an incredibly fun imagination, cheery personality, and thanks to her older sister's teaching skills, she regularly amazes us with how much she has learned about numbers (a direct result of her new favorite card game, Go Fish), letters, and even math. (Lexi's favorite subject. She's always been a numbers girl, even when she was little before she started preschool, numbers have always been her thing. Brea has definitely benefited and has already helped solve a fair amount of math equations with sidewalk chalk in the driveway.)

I was in Wisconsin at the Yoga Journal Conference on Brea's birthday, but Grandpa Bob, Daddy, Auntie Pammy, Uncle Chris, and big sister Lexi did a great job making Brea's day special. Brea informed me that Grandpa took her to the coffee shop in the morning (her favorite hang out), to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Higg in the afternoon (where she received a Dr. Seuss book and a snuggle puppy she has named Casey), and then a whole crowd gathered at our traditional birthday dinner hangout for Mexican food and birthday celebrations involving a sombrero. Doesn't get much more fun that that!

Scott played photographer for the event in my absence. I was thankful as it was fun to see some pictures of the party later that night while I was chillin' in Wisconsin.

I watch my girls grow and am repeatedly amazed at the little people they have become. I feel as if their little kiddo years are passing right by without near enough time to tuck safely away all the memories I hope to carry with me from this point on. I try as best I can just to enjoy today, everyday, as our time together is such a precious, precious gift.

Thanks Brea for sharing our lives for the past 3 years. You have brought so much joy and happiness into our home with your sunshiny personality, your silliness, your imaginative mind, and your love of snuggle time.

Happy, happy 3 to you!



MS said...

I love the purple striped suit and knit cap picture!! Carrie Bradshaw, look out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can't believe Brea is 3 already!! Seems like yesterday that Scott called with the news!!

Nieka Apell said...

OK, this is totally random, but I can't find your email address...have you seen this:

Wish he were coming to Michigan!