Friday, March 6, 2009

Turning 34...

Yesterday I turned 34. It was a pretty uneventful day. Well, actually it was a crazy busy day, but not necessarily because of it being my birthday. First on the list of "to dos"...haircut!

I've been contemplating returning to the short, pixie style cut for some time now and I decided just to go for it as it's only hair and it WILL grow back. Lexi was nice enough to snap this picture of me while we were out at our traditional birthday dinner spot, a local family owned Mexican restaurant. I'm still adjusting. The problem is I simply don't like dealing with my hair AT ALL. The easiest low maintenance styles are long and ponytailable or super short. The jury is still out on which I like best. I had forgotten how much LESS shampoo short hair requires. I could have washed my hair 3 times with the suds I worked up in the shower last night after class before dinner.

And speaking of my dinner dates, here they are...

What funny girls they are. We had a lovely time and shared a fried ice cream as a special treat. No, I didn't disclose it was my birthday as to avoid the public attention. Yes, I just paid for the fried ice cream instead. Scott unfortunately had to work late at a job fair and missed joining us. He and I are planning a night out together this weekend sans kids which will be a nice treat.

Today also marks the first post written on my new birthday present...a Dell Mini 9. I've been eying laptops for some time. My requirements for purchase were afford-ability and portability. The Mini 9 fit both of those and so after consulting with Scott, I ordered 2 weeks ago hoping FedEx would be delivering my new toy by my birthday. It came on Tuesday. (When they decided to call it a Mini, they were not kidding. Imagine taking a piece of standard letter sized paper, and then folding it in half. That's about the size of my shiny little computing critter. I'm still trying to figure out a far I just call it Mini.) I'm still adjusting to the small super sensitive keyboard and the alternative operating system, Ubuntu (a Linix based OS). Today's accomplishment was downloading the above pics and cropping for today's post. I'm somewhat of a creature of habit so learning new software is always interesting. So far I love what I've used though (thanks Duane for pushing me this direction and am on my way to becoming a convert to the free source way of thinking) and hope that my mini and I have many happy years ahead of us. It has sure made checking email and facebook and playing Pandora on the main house stereo awfully nice over the past 3 days!

Mother nature has decided to bless us with a taste of spring and yesterday I broke out the flip-flops. Today is still nice and so the girls and I are going to head out to visit some friends who live just around the block and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air while we's suppose to rain all weekend. Welcome Iowa springtime!

Thanks to all who helped my birthday yesterday a joy. Your emails, messages, phone calls, cards, hugs, and well wishes just added to the sunshine!


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Sara said...

I love this picture of you! and I've always loved your hair short! You just glow in this picture! Love ya, friend!