Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No More Fuzz...

This used to be a perfectly happy, perfectly fuzzy, yellow tennis ball. It even had a smiley face on one side. And then Tilde decided to make it her own.

Over the past few weeks she has picked and pulled at it's soft exterior, leaving little flecks of neon yellow fuzz laying all over the house. (I guess at least she didn't eat it AND it mostly deterred her from snitching every discarded tissue from the bathroom trash for her shredding pleasure) Now this sad, bald lump of rubber is all that remains. That doesn't mean it still doesn't receive a fair amount of her love throughout the day. She carries it around, soccer dribbles it with her front paws, and brings it to us for a few rounds of fetch now and then. Many of her beloved toys have had to go by way of the garbage truck...her favorite stuffed giraffe, the pink zebra striped bone, the giant blue cow with a squeaky inside. All who eventually gave way to her chewing and tugging and pulling until their stuffing guts came spewing out all over the floor. I guess as sorry looking as it is, lucky for Tilde her tennis ball gets to stick around a while longer.

Interestingly enough, she also has a blue one who sits all alone in the toy bin just waiting to be loved. A perfectly happy, perfectly fuzzy, blue tennis ball who gets absolutely no love.

Dogs are funny.


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