Monday, March 9, 2009

All That Glitters...

Saturday night Scott arranged for the girls to have a sleepover at Auntie Pam's so that he and I could go out for a night on the town in celebration of my birthday. I don't know why, but this is my favorite random assortment of bracelets to wear when I'm dressing up to go out.

(I also don't know why I felt I needed to take their picture, but I did.)

It's something about the properness of the pearls with the basic shine of the silver and the tiny hint of pink. It's like everyday fancy, which would pretty much sum up my "going out" dress-up philosophy. Cute but comfortable. And since it was raining, cute and comfortable meant jeans. Which happens to be at the top of my favorite things to wear list at the moment. Score!

Scott was willing to test out a Japanese Steak House so that I could get a little sushi fix. We went to Taki in Des Moines as I had heard from several reliable sources that it was worth a visit. I thought the deal was off when we sat down and Scott started wrinkling his nose at the soup choices and salad dressings listed as standard sides to the entrees. (Last June I thought it would be fun to introduce him to Indian food and we ventured to Iowa City to hit a buffet place where I figured he could find something he liked. It was not a good experience for either of us...though it did work out nicely for the pizza place down the street. I was worried our special night out was headed in the same direction.) But rather than chug my martini and walk out, I decided to stick it out knowing the chance for some sushi was worth having to drive through Arby's later on our way home.

I'm happy to report that stop was NOT necessary. After sharing some vegetable tempura and edemame, Scott was served this lovely heaping plate of Terriaki beef, complete with veggies, a potato puff, and a bowl of sticky rice.

The experiment was a success and I'm pretty sure I won't have any trouble getting Scott to agree for a return trip! (AND he would want you to know that he managed to eat his whole meal without asking for a fork. I'm proud of him for stepping up to the challenge and making this new food experiment much more fun than our Indian food day!)

Even Scott, who has no desire to EVER try sushi, had to admit once my sushi arrived that the Dynamite roll I ordered looked impressive. When I saw it on the menu there was no question I'd order has all my favorite things: spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber, and assorted tobiko. (If only it had avocado would be PERFECT!) What I didn't know is it would come completely COATED in those tiny little neon fish eggs which, because of their transparent and shiny nature' made it look like someone had sprinkled glitter all over my sushi roll. It was divine and this picture doesn't even come close to doing the presentation justice. (I told Scott it's a good thing I really like roe. They're so smooth and salty...and they pop in your mouth when you chew which is kinda fun. Kinda like pop rocks as Scott put it...but better in my opinion.)

We left quite full and happy. I even passed up the cheesecake, which those of you who know me well know NEVER happens. But seriously...I was stuffed! (I should have ordered a piece to go to enjoy with my latte on the drive home from Java Joe' of my favorite locally owned coffee houses downtown that is so worth navigating the downtown Saturday night scene. I'll keep that in mind for next time!) We made a quick stop at a bar owned by the boyfriend of one of Scott's co-workers before heading home to watch a movie too late into the night considering the extra hour lost to "springing ahead". Luckily we could sleep in the next morning before going to pick up the girls.

Funny...going out just us is always such a nice treat...but just as exciting is going to retrieve the girls the next morning.

Thanks honey for a fabulous night out. I hope we can do it again soon. (How does next week sound?)


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