Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yarnica Has Come Again...

A little box from Knit Picks arrived today. Honestly it only has 4 skeins of yarn. A brown cotton to make a partner to my lone original shorty hand-warmer. A blue cotton which matches another single skein I had purchased with no use in, mind for which I now have a use in mind but know I'll probably need a second skein. And 2 skeins of a wool yarn called mocha twist (brown and black twisted yarn). Love the name and I thought a nice choice for a certain friend in Texas waiting for her warmers. I also got a couple new sets of needles as a girl need more than one size right?

However the most exciting contents are the books I ordered. (Have I talked yet about my slight obsession with books? If not, let it be know, I LOVE BOOKS!) One on socks, one on luxury one-skein knits, and this lovely little book:

It has amazing, yet simple projects in it and I can hardly wait to finish up the hand-warmers I have on "order" so I can tackle a striped felted tote, or some knitted cupcakes, or the felted bowls. I don't know where I'm going to start, but I think with this book in hand it's going to be a while before I am finished! What's even more dangerous is that the designer, Leigh Radford, has two other books out, that from the pictures available on her website, I'm pretty sure will need to become part of my library soon! I love the idea of felting and apparently so does she. Check out her super cute stuff.


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