Friday, February 6, 2009

Short Essays by Lexi

Lexi has a spiral notebook, one with puppies on the front of course, in which she has taken up with writing short essays. She often reads them to us and I couldn't help but share a few here. They have been retyped exactly as she has written them. I think they are an amazing glimpse into what's going on in her 7 year old mind. Enjoy!

I have a sistter. Her name is Brea. We have allot of fun together. It is wintter ritnow so we went sleding last week! And we had fun! I gess you are wondering wate my name is. Arnte you? I am Lexi. My real name is Alexandra. At school the other kids cole me Lexi M. Today I have school but it is delaed 2 hours. And today I have a sleepover. Allison and I are going to have fun together. Allison is going to let her sister be in the puppy club. The puppy club is only for girls. And it is the funest thing I have ever dune. ~THE END~

Family is the most importend thing in the whole wid world. I have a mom, dad, & a sister. I have two pet dogs to Tilde, & Jasper. I love them. ~THE END~

I'm in first grade! My teacher's name is Mrs. Harms. I have cold lunch. Cold lunch is bring my lunch to school. Ensted of haveing it from school. I love school. ~THE END~

My mom's favorite t.v. show is Biggest Loser! I wach it too! We love that show. ~THE END~

I'm just pritty. I know that. I think you now that. Don't you? I love being pritty. Some pepole think I'm not pritty. But I know that I am. ~THE END~

I think she's pritty...and pritty amazing!



s said...

oh, this by far is super precious....

Anonymous said...

Lexi-here is a special "hug" from grandpa just to let you know (again) how special you are and that you are loved and appreciated VERY VERY much!

See you soon. Are you ready for that shopping trip?

Grandpa Bob