Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seriously Kelly?

Is anyone else bothered by Kelly Clarkson's newest single playing on the radio these days?

My Life Would Suck Without You.

I like Kelly. We cheered for her when she was on American Idol. I'm glad she's seen a longer stint of success than some of the Idols winners. I own one of her albums. And for the most part she's seemed to not let her fame go to her head. (I wouldn't really know though since I live in a bubble that doesn't contain the latest celebrity news.) Heck, the song is even pretty catchy and the rest of the lyrics are OK...not brillant by any means, but manageable. But every time that emphasis hits on suck, I cringe.

I listen to a wide spectrum of music. And for the most part there's only three things I can't handle in terms of lyrics:
  • Excessive use of foul language and derogetory references to women...hence I don't listen to much rap.
  • References to death and violence...hence you won't find much heavy rock in my collection either.
  • Lyrics that immediately turn the singer into "a dumb blonde with the big boobs" in my head. (I'll let you decide who might fall into that category.)
I'm thinking Kelly might wanna start shopping around for a new lyricist before she finds herself releasing songs like You Make Me Want to LMAO or I'm Not Your BFF Anymore. Songs I might expect from Jermaine and Bret, but not necessarily what I want to hear blasting from the car radio with my 7 and 2 year-old girls in tow.

Please, PLEASE, tell me I'm not alone on this one.



MS said...

Well, I just listened and that doesn't seem too bad to me. Not any worse than Gwen Stefani and "Oooo, it's my shit." (Whatever that means?) Hollaback Girl provided some "teaching moments" in our car!

But what about the overall sentiment?? Wouldn't Kelly be just fine without him?? And what's with the video? Ha ha, let's throw each other's stuff out the window and almost have a car accident??

MS said...

P.S. What does LMAO mean? Or do I want to know?