Sunday, February 22, 2009

Road Trip...

Friday Brea and I drove to Omaha to have lunch with my friend Jen. Sushi, a little shopping, lot of conversation. Yes, that means we spent 6+ hours traveling for about 4 hours of conversation. Some things in life are worth a little extra effort.

Last night I attended my first knitting circle gathering. It was fun and I'm looking forward to making it a monthly event. I started working on some lovely green cabled hand warmers for a certain friend who is currently sunning it up on a tropical cruise. I figure she'll need the wool warmth when she gets back home to the not tropical, still winter Iowa weather next weekend. An important thing to remember for the next time I go to knitting circle: cast on and start a round BEFORE going because it's too hard to chat and count at the same time! (Luckily I only had to start over once.)

The weather is cold but sunny and Scott has to head into work for a bit this afternoon. I think the girls and I will spend a quiet day snuggled up inside.


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