Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Iowa Crop...

(Photo borrowed from here.)

Driving across Iowa on I-80 these day one can't help but become aware of a new type of farm popping up on our countrysides...the wind farm. Specifically there are two significant locals between here and the Nebraska border where new crops have been planted since last spring. And when I say significant I mean if you stop at the top of hill in these two locals and count all the turbines for as far as your eyes can see, you might very well get close to reaching 100.

At each spot.

They are amazing and beautiful and I am thankful that people (and realistically utility companies) in the state I call home are progressively moving forward on establishing clean, renewable energy options.


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Anonymous said...

HI, Jennifer - did you know that Uncle George in Bport is in the process of putting in a wind farm?