Monday, February 23, 2009

Needle Caddy...

Yesterday I took a break from knitting to do a little sewing. I've been thinking my lovely new needles need a safe home when they are not in use. So down to creation central I went to make this little quilted needle caddy.

The fabric is some I had once picked up to make some bags that never came to be. (I also have it in blue which which I plan to make into this bag here in the next few weeks.) These pictures by far don't do the fabric justice. It's delicious! My caddy is a little stiff as I used both interfacing and batting, but overall I'm pretty pleased.

On the knitting front, I finished what I thought was going to be one of a pair of hand-warmers for my friend Laura. It has lovely cables. However I discovered just how much difference there is between worsted and DK weight yarns and how gauge changes even though I used the same needles. I now have a pair of mismatched "samples" (the other being the brown one I made and am waiting for more yarn before I can give it a mate) and will be starting over with the green yarn (thankfully there is plenty) again making a few pattern adjustments.

Knit and learn...


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MS said...

Jenn, that caddy is lovely!! Beautiful fabric!