Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm declaring a new holiday...


I mean seriously, how can you look into that fabulous gift box and not get holiday excited? And the best part about Yarnica, it can happen as many times throughout the year as you want. (OK, within reason and budgetary constraints.) My Knit Picks order arrived last Wednesday so I've been a busy little knitting bee ever since. In that box is yarn for a hat, several pair of hand-warmers, and a couple skeins of yet unassigned yarn I just ordered because well, it looked nice and I was already paying shipping. Plus my new Harmony wood needles. I can't even explain how in love with these needles I am. I don't like metal, they're too cold and slick. Bamboo is OK but at times it was a little too grabby and I felt like my points got duller the longer I knit because I'm kinda firm with them. But these wood needles are to die for in my very amateur knitting opinion. Not to mention they are GORGEOUS. And as we all know pretty needles make all the difference in the quality of your finished product. (No?) I even took my needles to show off to some veteran knitters who attend my Gentle Yoga class. After feeling their warm smooth texture they were soon asking "What's the name of that website again?"

First I decided to tackle knitting in the round with circular needles and started Scott's beanie.

That was on Thursday morning. I tied it off on Friday night about 8:30. Yes, you can say it...obsessed. However you're not going to get a picture of the finished project until I re-knit it. While it turned out nice it's just a bit larger than it should be and since I won't let it go until it's perfect I've just decided to rip it all out and start over. (Sorry hun.)

Currently (and that's literal as the yarn is sitting in my lap as I type...I've found I can sneak in a few stitches here and there when I'm working at my 'puter waiting for things to download. Shush. I know, interventions are being planned even as I type this.) I'm working on Lexi's hand-warmers. They are my first project in the round on double points and after a bit of a messy start, I've kinda got my technique figured out and they are coming together quite nicely. The Super Bowl was very useful as one can get a lot of knitting done in between commercial breaks. (Though all progress came to a total halt for the 3D preview of Monsters vs Aliens and The Boss's half time show. Duh!)

I decided to go with a two color small stripe look. I personally think they are adorable and can't wait to get one finished for Lexi to model. Right now when I look at the amount that's done it says "a sweater for Piglet" to me. I'm not sure why except we watch a lot of animation around this house and Piglet's Big Movie is a quiet time favorite. I'm glad I started with Lexi's and will follow with Brea's because do you know how small a tube to fit around a 2-year-old's hand/arm is? Let's just say TINY!

The clock is tickin'. If I want to get a few more stripes in before heading back to class, I best get busy!


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