Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love Him Because...

  • for 17 years his arms have always proved to be a warm and safe place.
  • he's a fabulous Daddy.
  • of those little creases at the corner of his eyes that appear when he smiles. (And those eyelashes...enough to melt this girls heart forever.)
  • his love is simple even when life isn't.
  • he appreciates who I am, our similarities and differences, and reminds me of that often.
  • he isn't afraid to cry.
  • he wears the cap I knit him even though it doesn't quite fit right.
  • his face lights up when he laughs. (I'm thankful that after almost 14 years of marriage, we haven't stopped laughing together and hope we never will.)
  • he would turn the world upside down to make sure his girls (all three of us) are healthy, happy and safe.
  • he thinks that the first step to solving any problem is a hug, a kiss, and three precious little words.
  • he never shoots down my dreams, no matter how crazy.
  • when something is bothering me I usually don't have to explain why, he just knows.
  • he doesn't care when I spend my time knitting/quilting/writing/playing instead of tackling the pile of dishes in the kitchen.
  • he knows flowers will always make me smile, even on days they are expected.
  • his bedtime routine includes hot chocolate, a good book, and NPR.
  • sometimes just the thought of his kiss is still all that's needed to bring butterflies to my tummy.
  • he's NEVER doubted from our very first dates that our hearts were meant to be connected forever.
I hope you too can celebrate your shared loved with someone today. Romantic. Platonic. Family. Friends. Commercialism aside...our world is in desperate need of a little more celebration of LOVE.


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laughingyogini said...

Hi Jenn, Beautiful tribute. The ability to see those qualities is itself a gift. be able to so eloquently write about them is another.

You are both so very blessed.