Friday, January 9, 2009

Under a Rock...

I'm back in the game today now that I have 48 hours of antibiotics in my system. So Brea and I made a coffee shop stop between class at the studio and stops at the quilt store (for batting and thread) and the hardware store (for a fresh water filter) before returning home. As is often the case, a newspaper was sitting on the table next to us. So I snagged it, while Brea was busy getting cream cheese all over her face from our shared bagel, to see what was making headlines this morning.

I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I live under a rock in relationship to current events. I don't read the paper regularly. I don't watch the news. Even with as much time as I spend online, I rarely visit news related sites. When I listen to music (which is quite often throughout the day...that is when there's not the silly sounds of an animated children's show coming from the TV) it's usually from my own collection or through online streaming sites that don't have talk. About the only time I listen to the radio is in the car and since most of my commutes around town are 5-10 minutes, there's limited chances for catching news tidbits.

I'm actually okay with my lack of knowledge in relationship to current events. I know some would view that choice as stupid, irresponsible, un-educated, un-American even. I say each to their own.

Because on those rare days like today when I pick up the paper to be faced with story after story about more company lay-offs, raising unemployment, the struggles retailers are facing following a poor holiday season, and the certain doom the "experts" say our economy faces, all it does is work me up into a panic. My heart starts to feel heavy for all those individuals and families who are being affected by the loss of a job. We know all to well what that feels like and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I want to open my arms and offer up a big ol' hug to all those people, tell them it will be OK, and offer them a cup of hot cocoa and a cookie. (Because let's be honest, food is a comfort for most of us and sometimes that's just gotta be OK.)

It also doesn't give me much hope that our family's situation is going to change/improve anytime in the near future. The thought of pursuing some of my professional growth interests seems silly to me right now. Those interests are in providing the type of services people will cut from their budgets early on as we all continue to tighten purse strings to make it through tough times.

About the only good news I can gleam from all this, the teenie bit of hope I'm holding onto right now, is that one day when things start to turn around and companies start opening jobs back up for all those people who will still be looking for something, Scott will for once be perfectly positioned to benefit. Which in turn will benefit our family.

But right now I'm trying my best to crawl back under my cozy little rock and pretend that all that sad, depressing reality is not out there. Feel free to join me if you want. It's a nice place to live most days. All sunshine and puppies. (That one's for my sisters!)



Laura said...

are there kittens there too, and rainbows? I'm glad you're feeling better!

Alive Photos by Amy Leigh said...

I completely agree with your view on living in what I like to call "ignorant bliss." I'd rather focus my energy on the positive things that are going on around us every day rather than then negative.

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