Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Toast...

I'd like to make a toast...

to our new president...Barack Hussein Obama.

My day panned out a little different than I expecting having spent the hours from 2-4 am awake with a sick child, followed by a few short hours of sleep on the couch, and a cancellation of my attendance at an inaugural brunch to which I had been invited. (Which the sick child woke asking for food and hasn't stopped go, go, going since 8 this morning. She's exhibited no further signs of illness. Guess I should have sent her to school!) Luckily Grace and Andre were still happy to come over and join us for the day's celebration.

(OK, admittedly we were being a little silly. Silly with joyful celebration!)

Words can no even begin to describe the many emotions I've experienced today watching all the festivities. Today it's hard not to feel proud of our nation and to have hope for the future of the world. Today all the doom and gloom that's been building over the state of the economy, the environment, and international relations feels a little less dark and ominous. A little more hopefully. Today there was reason to drink champagne before noon, to cry tears of joy and hope, and to hug your loved ones knowing better days are ahead.

Happy New President's Day to us all!!!


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MS said...

Nice...cheers!! Sorry about Lex. It was fun to drink champagne punch before teaching a class!