Monday, January 12, 2009


We did indeed making it sledding yesterday. The sun was out and the wind was only bad at the top of the hill if you were facing northwest. Luckily the softer sledding was down the "back" side of the hill to the southeast. Brea by far made out the best on the whole deal as the snow was so deep us 2 adults and Lexi's tall 7-year-old legs had troubles making it up the hill. Brea didn't have a chance, especially in her puffy one-size-too-big snow pants. So she got to sit in her sled and get pulled up by her pack horse parents. Needless to say Scott and I had jello legs after our 45 minutes of sledding.

Lexi had a blast and got a bit daring going off a few little jumps. We were a little nervous at how Brea would do her first time down, why I'm not sure because she is our dare devil child. She of course loved it and was less than happy when we said it was time to head home. (Though she was starting to get cold too, so there wasn't much argument.)

I managed to catch a little video of both girls taking a run. Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess depending on how you look at it) I also caught Brea's first wipe out. (I'm lucky there's not footage of Mommy's wipe out as I almost didn't get out of Lexi's way fast enough as she came shooting down the slope!)

We have fresh snow again today...the girls are hoping the weather cooperates so we can take a return trip to the sledding hill...SOON.



Anonymous said...

oh such fun. Remember the wrecks we had in the sandhills. WIsh Grandma was there too.

MS said...

That was great...even better that you caught Brea's face plant! And I love Scott swimming down the hill to her...pretty funny.