Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rosey Cheeks...

We've gotten 6-7 inches of fresh, powdery snow in the past 36 hours. The perfect snow for playing. The girls were eager to go mess up the trackless yard this morning, so we bundled them up (still in their PJs because what's a warmer under-layer than polar fleece) and shoved them out the door with a smile and a cup of hot coffee in hand. (I'm so appreciative of the fact they can play outside on their own these days and I can keep an eye on them from the warmth of the kitchen window.)

Thirty minutes later they returned to the front door cold,

rosey cheeked,

silly happy,

and requesting hot chocolate.

My coolness status this morning has been equated to Jeff, our favorite coffee shop owner, thanks to a little whipped cream a top the hot chocolate. Who knew it was so easy to be so cool? (If only it could remain that easy the older they get!)

We've promised sledding post lunch. Mommy and Daddy are already pondering how to best bundle ourselves because we don't have puffy warm snow pants...

It could be a short trip.


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Anonymous said...

Was Lexi outside, too, with rosey cheeks?