Friday, January 16, 2009


If there was one word to describe Brea's week, it would have to be puzzles. While on one hand she has given up on taking an afternoon nap, she's devoted that extra time every afternoon to put together puzzle after puzzle after puzzle. Sometimes it's just one puzzle over and over and over. I'm amazed at how she can stay so focused for so long on one task...over and over and over. In some aspects she has better concentration skills than her mother!

We've also noticed this week that Brea's starting to recognize a few letters. Most notably O and B...and she's very aware that her name starts with B. Sometimes I wonder how she picks up on these things...and then I hear her and Lexi in their room playing school and I realize it's because Brea has the advantage of a very smart older sister who is more than willing to share some of her knowledge.

I'm so blessed to have such amazing little girlies!

In other news of the day: Lexi is at a friends for a sleepover for the night, Scott is scheduled to work at job #2 this evening, and Brea and I have invited ourselves over to a friend's for dinner and a dunk in the hot tub. We'll be leaving here in a few minutes to hit the store for wine and a few dinner supplies as I offered to cook in exchange warmth. (Though I shouldn't complain, today the temp actually climbed from the negatives to the single digits for a good portion of the day. It's almost tropical following yesterday's artic blast!) My mom taught me never to invite yourself over to someone's house without bringing food. OK, maybe that's not an actual lesson which she purposely had on her list of "things I should teach my kids", but also not far from how things were growing up. Besides, who's going to turn away a bottle of wine, a pot full of creamy, garlic pasta, and Brea and I's sparkling personalities on a cold Friday night? Thankfully not Grace and Carlos!


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