Saturday, January 17, 2009


the finished matched pair!

Well mostly matched. The second one is a little tighter than the first, obviously my tension control got better, though I still struggle with getting a nice starting edge. For my next project I'm going to try a new casting on technique to see if that helps. Also the second warmer has a spot where I obviously was not paying attention because there are 5 purl stitches where there should be 5 knit stitches. Oh well.

I've really come to enjoy my knitting time and am excited to start project #2, a hat for Scott. I found this great website, KnitPicks, from where I'm going to order some lovely wool yarn and new needles so that I can knit his hat in the round because I really dislike the look of the hand sewn seems on my hand-warmers. I'm also going to venture into the land of color switching and plan on giving his hat a nice stripe an inch or so above the edge. I'm really looking forward to getting things started and wish I didn't have to wait for supplies to arrive. One of the down sides of small town craft supplier options...but thankfully the internet (and UPS) goes everywhere.

In the mean time, while I'm waiting for said yarn and needles, I'm going to practice making cables. Once again, YouTube to the rescue. As I was knitting today I was able to watch a couple different postings of how to make a cable, both with an extra needle and without. Watching a demo makes SOOOOO much more sense to me than just reading about how to do it, so tonight I'm going to grab some extra yarn, try my new cast on technique and give cabling a shot.

On a side note, the lovely photo above is compliments of Lexi. I did a little color and contrast adjustment, but left the framing just as she took it. I love it. She had me show her how to zoom because she didn't like the framing without and took her time choosing just the right shot. I definitely think she has "the eye." I need to get her a camera of her own so I can help her foster that vision!


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