Friday, January 2, 2009

Knitting, Project 1 Update...

Answering the question of "How did you spend your New Year's?" this year has been a riot. When I explain to people that I decided I'd teach myself how to knit AND that I had all the necessary items in my basement and found easy to follow instruction online, I get some very interesting looks. So before I give you an update on project 1's progress, I feel like I should explain a few things that have made this undertaking possible for me.

First, I have in the past done some crochet. Not a lot, but enough that I have some understanding of working with needles (or hooks as the case may be with crochet) and yarn. How to form loops, knots, control tension, etc.

Second, I grew up around women who were crafty. My mom has over the years been into a number a crafts...quilting mainly, but working with yarn, general sewing, painting and ceramics, and things that involve the use of the almighty glue gun were just part of the normal extra-curricular activities around our house. So I have been lucky enough to gain some general know how when it comes to craft things.

And third, I have a pretty stubborn and determined attitude about my abilities when it comes to the creative realm. There is very little I won't try, or assume I can not do, when it comes to making/creating stuff. I love handmade items and really enjoy browsing Etsy and seeing what the other creative beings out there in the world are offering up for sale. But I'm also really cheap and almost always will attempt to make something myself before I shell out the money to buy it from someone else.

The one draw back to all that stubborn willingness to give anything a try...a little problem with getting side tracked mid-project, hence the plethora of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) that exsist down in my craft zone. (I also got that from my Mom. What can I mother like daughter can pertain to so many things!) I'd say that I'm trying better to see each and every project I start through to the end...but I really just can't keep that promise and therefore don't see any reason to make it. I've accepted it for what it is...nothing says all those UFOs won't one day find their finished state! In the meantime, the crafting must go on!

So the knitting project is going well. After spending Wednesday night practicing, yesterday I started on project 1...a very simple arm warmer. Basically it's a retangle that you fold in half and sew up the side leaving room for your thumb to poke through. Of course, in my normal crafting fashion, I'm not following a pattern AND I wasn't happy with simply making a plain retangle of knitted fabric so I've added a little cuff and ribbing detail to my idea. Other than a having to restart 3 times, a few tension issues when I change from knit to purl and back while making the ribs, and some how impailing myself with a splinter from my new bamboo needles (twice mind you), things are moving along well.

I'm 4-5 inches into warmer #1 with the plan to make them about 12 inches in length. I have written down what I've done and thought about how for the other warmer I'll need to reverse the placement of the ribs so they end up on the ride side of my arm. HOPEFULLY I'll end up with a matching pair. I of course already have plans, if this pair goes well, to make pair number 2 in a fashion that will require me to learn how to knit a tube and add a thumb. Plus, Laura has put in her order for her own pair...I hope she doesn't need them THIS winter. HA!

With the holidays now past and gifts mostly distributed (yes, I'm still working on a final few) I hope to post some pictures of all my holiday projects next week. I really had so much fun working on each of the gifts I made this year and it's totally kickstarted my crafting energies again. Besides the knitting, I already have a couple other projects brewing in my brain, which I'm sure you'll be hearing about at some point and time here!


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Jenn - it looks beautiful!!!!