Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Brea: "Mommy, why are the trees all gray?"
Me: "Because they have frost on them."
Brea: "What's frost?"
Me: (Searching for a simple answer that a 2-year-old can grasp.) "A special kind of snow that likes to stick to the trees. Isn't it pretty?"

As we left the studio after class this morning and headed down the main drag in town THIS was the lovely scene ahead of us. I couldn't help but pull over and jump out, point and shoot in hand, to sneak into the middle of the street between passing cars and snap a photo. I'm thankful that we living in a community where I bet nobody even thought twice about some crazy lady standing in the middle of the street taking a photo on a cold winter day.

And speaking of photography and the cool creative community in which we live:

I've noticed I have been less than inspired to take any pictures as of late. I'm tired of the lack of color that is a part of winter. Ok, there's not a lack of color necessarily, I'm simply a little tired of whites and blues. (Though I'm thankful for the snow as white and blue is so much nicer than a simple canvas of brown. Not yummy fertile earth brown which I actually love. Dead, cold, middle of winter brown.) I'm SOOOO ready for the greens of spring and the bright bold colors of summer. I'm also tired of waring with my indoor photos. I'm frustrated with the need to color correct everything I take inside with a flash because I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best natural light illusion with my flash. On the flip side I'm tired of the noise (graininess) of natural light photos taken without a flash because I've had to use such a high ISO. I know, all part of the learning process...but still frustrating.

Secondly, this summer I talked several times about my time spent out at the tiny circus work camp. Well Carlos (the grand master of this three ring attraction) has been hard at work rounding up all the performers and attractions, doing the necessary editing, to bring the animations that were created this summer to a finished state. You can check out some of the rough videos he's been working on on the tiny circus YouTube channel. (My hand got to play a role in The History of Popcorn...front hand on the left towards the end of the film. Yes, I'm a dork.) I don't know that I can fully explain to those who haven't been part of this project how exciting it is to me to see all this coming together. I only played a very small role in production here and there, but still, being involved at that level and then watching the collaboration all come together to make these whimsical little shorts is exhilarating. I'm so excited for the process. I'm so excited that this summer tiny circus will again be converging in Grinnell to continue the work and that it will be traveling out on it's first road show in July. (I'm so excited that so many of my friends, and my brother, will be in town for the summer because of this fact!) I'm so excited for the vision tc has to bring the collaborative creative process to communities of individuals (schools, senior centers, etc.) whose lives will be enriched by being part of a creative process. In a time when creative programs are being cut from our schools because of slimmer budgets, I'm so thankful there are wonderful, creative people like the tc crew who simply want to share the love of art and their belief that EVERYONE can be an artist. Cheers to you all (and many thanks) for your vision!


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