Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Because I know the suspense is killing you...

I present to you, the first completed handwarmer!

Over all I'm pretty happy with the outcome being that it's my first completed knitted item. There are of course a few things the anal-perfection-crafter in me would like to change.
  • I don't like the look of the seam and totally understand the draw to learning how to knit in a continuous round.
  • I wish creating small ribs weren't such a challenge, because I would much prefer small ribs at the cuff than the current 7 rows of garter stitch which are kinda loose.
  • Overall tension stayed pretty consistent, but there is definitely room for improvement.
  • And today looking over it all again for the first time since I finished it on Sunday, I found a random purl stitch in a field of knit stitches. Obviously I lost concentration for a moment.

Our little fam has been passing around an achy body, soar throat bug. Scott and I have been the lucky carriers this weekend and into the start of the week. So any spare time I've had outside of personal care and mommy duties have been spent in a horizontal position snuggled under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea close at hand. That gets old real fast, so tonight while I'm kicking off the new season of Biggest Loser, I think I'll start working on this little handwarmer's mate. Because right now I want to break out in Thriller every time I put on my lone warmer to admire my work. Damn you Micheal Jackson!


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