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25 Random Things...

So on Facebook, you know the center of my social universe (sadly that's not far from the truth), I got tagged with one of those "write things about yourself and send it out so we can all know you better" things. I don't always participate in these little games (seriously, they could suck my whole day away if I let them) but today I was feeling generous with my free afternoon so decided to play along. I have to admit once I got going I had a hard time keeping it to 25 as stated in the "rules" of the tag. I cheated and added a 26th item because other than the oatmeal thing, which I think it just a funny fact, I couldn't figure out which item to cut to keep it to 25. Being as I devoted WAY more time to this little project (because I'm sorta anal about what I say and how I say it) and because not everyone who reads my rambles here is also part of my Facebook posse (and vice versa), I decided my list would play double duty for the day. So here it is, uncut and unedited...25+ random things about me:

1. I don't like hot cereal. Oatmeal, cream of wheat, any of it. The texture makes me gag. But I love things made with oatmeal...muffins, granola,bread, etc.

2. I get anxiety when I/we travel by car as I'm convinced I/we will experience great loss some day because of a horrific auto accident. This really wasn't a problem before I had kids.

3. My Dad died 3 years ago from lung cancer. Not many people know that because he and I didn't have much of a relationship after a disagreement when I was 17. I saw him last less than 2 weeks before he died. It was the only time he saw his granddaughter (and his second granddaughter who was still growing in my belly. He was the first person outside of Scott and myself to learn what we would eventually name her.) Regardless of the state of our relationship, I still miss him and often get teary when thinking back to the days when I was Daddy's little girl. Like as I type this.

4. I get nostalgic in the spring when the organic smell of the earth waking up reminds me of my grandpa Reitz and his love of the land and what it provided for his family through farming.

5. The fall makes me want to pack up my home and move to Colorado to the mountains. I think at heart I am a woman of the mountains.

6. I have only seen the ocean once and that was from the window of an airplane as we approached the air port in Boston in the middle of winter. Someday I would like for that fact to change and would love to go reef diving.

7. I don't consider myself a Christian, though I do believe in a divine spirit. I truly respect the traditions of many world religions and what those religions provide to their believers. I have felt this way in my heart for many years. I simply couldn't put it into words until recently. I don't believe you have to follow a defined religious tradition to be a spiritual person. The process of defining my personal faith has brought a lot of peace to my soul. I haven't admitted this to many people until now, including my husband.

8. I worry a lot more than I ever thought was humanly possible now that I'm a Mom.

9. I often regret dropping out of my medical school program in college for financial reasons, knowing we'd be in a much different place if I were a doctor today instead of a yoga teacher. I love teaching yoga and truly believe it was the path I was intended to take to help people live healthy, fulfilling lives. Financial stability is obviously lower on my list of priorities than I would have once imagined. I often, probably unnecessarily, worry about what others think about my level of intelligence because of my choice of professions.

10. I love my blog. Writing has become a huge source of comfort (and therapy) for me over the past 2 years. I often wonder how writing may play more of a role in my future professional endeavors.

11. I would rather have a few very close friends than a lot of casual acquaintances. Because of that I am sometimes a jealous friend, though I know it's more of a reflection of my own insecurities than any thing related to my relationship with a given individual.

12. I have an older sister and brother from my Dad's first marriage. I wish we knew each other better than we do.

13. I would rather be in the kitchen making food for a party than socializing at one. My favorite gatherings are those small casual get togethers that feel less like a party and more like a gathering of extended family with the kids playing the yard and the adults socializing over random conversation while jointly preparing a meal or working on a project. I wish these type of gatherings happened more often in our lives.

14. I moved a lot as a kid. I hated moving. Because of that I'm more resistant to change when it comes to moving now with kids of my own. My kids have much different, more out going personalities than I did as a kid. I need to have faith if a move is in our future that they will deal with it much better than I remember doing.

15. I love living in a small Midwestern town and have no desire to ever live in a bigger city. That being said, I love the feeling of sneaking away for a day or two to visit the city and all it has to offer...with or without kids. My favorite big city is Chicago. My favorite small cities are Iowa City and no particular order.

16. I would like to live in Italy some day, if only for a brief time, even though I've never been there to visit.

17. I wish I lived closer to my Mom, but have NO desire ever to return to live in Western Nebraska. None.

18. I wish I had a close gay male friend. It's pretty much the "guy friend with no sexual tension and often willingness to hash through things like a girl" aspect that I think would be nice.I wish I could explain why better, but I can't. I just wish it were the case.

19. I love music but am horrible at knowing the names of songs or who sings them. Music often defines periods of life for me. Moods, memories, feelings, etc. I would love to attend more live music performances, preferably outdoors, than we currently do.

20. If I could choose a super power, it would be the ability to fly. I love flying and once thought I'd become a pilot. Now I worry too much to pursue such a crazy idea. But I still love the feeling of flying. I think my love for being in the water is related.

21. I loved being pregnant and breast feeding so much I would do it again in a heart beat.

22. The responsibility of raising a baby into a competent, respectful, responsible being is so over whelming that we are going to stop having kids at two. Plus, I don't know if my worry meter could handle any more kids!

23. My ideal home would be an old farm house on a couple of acres with room for a huge garden, a chicken house for egg layers, and pastures for some livestock. I would probably completely move to being a vegetarian if that were the case because I'd name all the animals and would never have the heart to kill any of them for meat. I would be totally OK with becoming a homebody in such a long as I had access to the WWW!

24. I see road cycling and yoga as very closely related. They both give me space to think, feed my soul and my body, and bring peace to my life. Crafting and writing add another dimension to those practices through creative expression. I feel like my life is more balanced because of all of these activities.

25. While I continue to work on accepting my physical being for what it is and the gifts that it gives to my every day life, there are still days I wish it were thinner, smoother, more efficient, more beautiful. I would never actually change my being through plastic surgery or "enhancements" but won't deny having fantasized about a tummy tuck. I hate body hair (and will be having lazer hair removal when I win the lottery) and think tattoos are beautiful.

26. Bonus Thing: I love the bad boy image, but bad boy personality turns me off. Black leather + goatee = me getting all hot an bothered, but it takes a little bit softer, more thoughtful, emotionally available guy to truly melt my heart. I am thankful for and so in love with my husband who can play both of these roles.



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