Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Next Generation...

One of the girls' favorite parts of going to visit Grandpa Bob and Grandma Peg is the chance to spend time with their cousins.

Hunter will turn 5 later this month.

And little Aubrey will be 1 in January.

While not planned, we've managed to time the arrival of the grand kids to one about every 2 years. (Though, don't be expecting THIS Mavin family to be continuing to contribute to that cycle. We're happy with our little family of 4.) Which means when we all get together there's a very busy house full of play and laughter. For the most part the kids are great at policing themselves and working through disagreements. And of course the 3 oldest insist on all sleeping together with Grandma, camping out on the floor of the play room. Thankfully they are normally so tired from a long day of play that there's little energy left to fight bedtime and for a few hours each night quiet descends upon the house.

We decided to exchange Christmas gifts over Thanksgiving since the whole core Mavin family was present. It was fun getting to see the kids open their little surprises and to watch Aubrey try to figure out just what to do about the whole wrapping paper business. Those who know my kids are well aware of the collection of small stuffed puppies which they have amassed over the past 7 years. Brea was super excited to add one more to her collection...according to her, a sister to the one she had taken with us on the trip.

Today I was going through this past year's worth of pictures for a upcoming holiday blog project (more details on that will be coming soon) and realized how few photos we have of Lexi in comparison to the number of pictures I've taken of Brea. Partially it's because I'm home all day with Brea, which simply means more photo ops. And partially it's because my sweet little girlie has become increasingly more aware of the camera and it's rare that I can get a snap that doesn't include some sort of seen here, normally something silly.

I guess if nothing else those shots will all become good tools for embarrassment later on in her life. (Insert evil Mommy laugh here.)



Pink Heels said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. Every post reminds me of my childhood and all of the wonderful memories. As the oldest of four girls with many sets of cousins, I can appreciate that your kids love opportunities to spend time with the whole family. I loved having all of my cousins and sisters under one roof or in one backyard. We could play for hours and hours.

Laura said...

Great pic, love the black and white! But I also love the beautiful colors you coax out of your color, I guess they are ALL great!