Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Greetings, Day 6 (a day late)...

So, posting has gotten a little delayed thanks to the weather. Not that it has affected my computer or internet access, just that it has affected our time causing everything that involves leaving the house to take twice as long as normal (not to mention the hour and a half I spent scooping/chiseling the driveway yesterday so we could get cars in and out of our driveway...a total time zapper). Thus, I'm a bit behind. How about I post yesterday's post tonight and tomorrow I'll do double

So June, I love June. School is over for the summer and our lives take on a lazy summer schedule/feel. The two main themes for June:


and Art...

Of course there was also plenty of fun and a little time at the pool thrown in the month as well.

Did I mention I love June?


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