Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Greetings, Day 5...

I have been blessed with some amazing friends. Let me give you just a tiny example of how they make my life a happier place.

Today we're expecting an ice storm. One that is moving a bit slower than anticipated, but as a result school was let out 2 hours early. On top of that the house were Brea normally goes for a play date on Thursdays while I'm on campus teaching had a kiddo at home with the tummy bug today. Which meant that my normal slow paced Thursday had 90 minutes of time over the lunch hour where I needed to be 3 places at once. And here come Laura and Monica to my rescue. Laura offers to pick Lexi up from school which has turned into an afternoon play date at her house with Sam. One child taken care of. Monica suggests I drop Brea off at the studio while she's teaching after which she'll bring her back home. Child 2 taken care of. Which meant I was able to make it to campus on time to teach my class and have a few minutes of quiet time at home while I waited for Brea to be dropped off.

And that's just ONE tiny example of how wonderful my life is because of the love of friends. I could write for days on this subject.

Looking back at May, time with friends was a major theme. First there was our very chilly night out at Tulip Time with Allen and Shannon. Then the weather warmed up and outdoor cycling season kicked into gear which meant Laura and I got the chance to chat, chat, chat away a few miles every week.

Over Memorial Day weekend we packed up the family and headed to Ord Nebraska to visit our friends the Bengstons. We've stopped through for short visits on trips further west to visit my family, but this time it was so fun to just get to hang out and meet all of Jen and Brent's great friends and enjoy the simplicity of a small town celebration. The girls had a fun time playing on their newly finished swing/play set.

I finished out the month in Chicago with Monica at my first big yoga conference. What a fabulous time that was! One I'm hoping we can maybe repeat again in 2009!!!

May was one of those months I talked about yesterday when I had more than plenty good photos to choose from for posting today. I love this one of Brea wearing a shirt that was given to me when I was little. My Mom would have to confirm the story, but I'm pretty sure this shirt was a gift from my Great Grandparents, brought back from vacation travels.

My Great Grandpa loved to travel and I can remember sitting and looking through photo albums of he and Great Grandma's trips when I was a kid. We joke that this Brea's serious model pose. But really she was being impatient with the fact I was making her stand still to take this picture rather than allowing her to run and play in the warmth of the sun.

This picture of Lexi is an example of probably the most commonly viewed summer scene at our house: a happy girl in her sun glasses making our driveway a pretty place with her box of sidewalk chalk.

How I do miss being greeted by those fun little drawings every day. One more thing to look forward to with the coming of spring!



Anonymous said...

Hello Jen-- Its almost 3pm here in Gering on Saturday, and I have not seen a picture of the munchkins yet today. Hurry up cause I have to go to work soon----Grmpa Rod

MS said...

Awww, ain't no big deal, Jenn! Glad to do it. And I love these pics of the girls!