Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Greetings, Day 4...

Looking back through files of photos and through the archives of my random writing for this project has been so fun. I've realized that some months we have LOTS of great photos from which to choose. Other months, apparently like April of this year, we have very little to choose from. So I've borrowed a photo from May and our trip to the Pella's Tulip Time. After all, what says April better than Tulips!

April was indeed a transition month for us this year. There were some ups, some fun times, and unfortunately a couple of big downers. Scott returned to the job market at the end of the month, for which the result has been the opportunity for him to pursue a job in a career field that he had always wanted to get into but could never get that first break, human resources. A tough situation, but one that seems to be working itself out for the better.

Most notably though, at least for me, was having my 27-year-old brother call me to tell me he's been diagnosed with cancer. I still think back to that call and the sudden heartbreak I felt when I heard his words and the tears (on both ends of the line) that soon followed. The thought of losing one of my very best friends, a part of my soul, still brings tears to eyes. There's so much uncertainty, so many unknowns when the initial diagnosis is made it seemed impossible not to think about the worst options. We are so fortunate that the outcome has been in our favor, the best option available. In some ways those few weeks of April and leading into May seem but a blip on our radar. It was a moment in time that has forever changed my perspective on what's important in life, what can be faced with the right attitude, and how some problems just aren't as big as they seem...because nothing trumps a situation where a life is involved. It's also part of the reason I think more than any other year since we've moved to Iowa, my heart aches to be closer to home this holiday season. To hold and hug my family, the people I love with all my heart, and to tell them face to face how much I love them for the wonderful people that they are and for the gift their presence in my life have been.


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Oh, those tulips look soooo nice sitting here on a snowy day!