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Holiday Greetings, Day 11...

We have finished our Christmas Eve activities and the girls are bedded for the night. Brea doesn't want Santa to come. She's a bit afraid of him and apparently the thought of him ambling around in our house while she is asleep is less than appealing to her. I'm fully expecting her to wake screaming at 3:00 am with dreams of scary Santa dancing through her head.

The fun news of the night: Lexi tried my family's traditional Italian "fondue", the Christmas Eve meal standard, for the first time tonight and LOVED it. Considering she's a VERY picky eater, there is a major milestone in our family. (I can't tell you what's in it because then you might not try it and boy would you be missing out on a little piece of heaven. I mean really...have the Italians EVER steered us wrong when it comes to food?) Brea informed us she DIDN'T like it, and then continued to dip her bread and suck on it until she lost interest because she had to potty. Our house now smells like...well, garlic and salty seafood. A smell you don't notice until you take the dogs out for a potty break, clearing your nose in the fresh cold air of the night, only to be accosted the minute you step in the door with the reminder of the 8000 fat calories you just washed down with 1/2 a bottle of red wine. ( it's only me who chased with wine...hence the chatty, witty typing. Thank goodness for spell check!)

The girls and I spent the day finishing up our holiday preps. I had to teach and then I promised a visit to the coffee shop. While there we were discussing what the girls might like to get Scott for Christmas. (Yes, we left that shopping task for TODAY. No worries...Scott didn't finish HIS shopping til today we're even.) Brea thought for a moment and then said excitedly, "How about a boy purse!!!" I'm not sure what she had in mind, but Scott can thank me later that he's not getting a "boy purse" tomorrow morning, but something much more suited to his style. After coffee and procurement of a proper gift, we hit the post office where we had to stand in line (shocker) for 15 minutes for a simple books of stamps and to pay the postage due on a Christmas Card we received yesterday. Scott and I have decided that's how we're sending our cards next year...postage get your 42 cents ready! A stop at the grocery store and we were home...with no plans to leave again until Friday morning. YEE HA!

This afternoon after getting the girls settled for afternoon quiet time, I finished up the last of the holiday sewing that needed to be finished by tomorrow morning. (Notice the implication that ALL the sewing for the holidays is not done. It's not. Yes...some of you dear friends will be receiving gifts post Christmas...possibly in the new year. I still love you, I simply have a problem with BIG ideas and an unrealistic concept of how much time is need to finish said ideas.) I'm way excited to share the pictures of all my handmade gifts this year once everyone has received them. (Which means like maybe sometime in late January.)

Day 11 means we're only looking back a month into November. November was NaBloPoMo, which meant I wrote often, so there's lots to read about if you want to check the archives. The month ended with a trip to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and a night out with my ladies. I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving weekend than that! And as if Mother Nature was ushering in December, the end of the month brought snow.

Snow that set the ground work for what is turning out to be a VERY white Christmas.



My Most Read Thoughts


Today while I sat in a classroom supervising students as they worked on their math assignments, I watched Lexi through the window enjoying time with her friends during recess. My heart smiled.

Those moments, moments of learning and carefree fun, those are the moments that SHOULD make up a school day. As a Mom, and an elementary school employee, my heart is breaking over the news and images coming out of Connecticut today. 
I send my kids off to school everyday without a second thought that they will return safely come day's end, just as I'm sure each one of those parents in Newtown did this morning.
Every day I walk into my school for work without a second thought to my personal safety, just as I'm sure each of those teachers, paras, custodians, sectretaries, etc in Newtown did this morning. 
Theories will be published. Evidence will be presented. Words will be exchanged about gun control and the need for change in our current culture of violence. I don't suspec…

DIY: Reusable Produce Bags

With Earth Day festivities gearing up for tomorrow, I thought I'd take a moment to post a short DIY tutorial on making your own reusable cloth produce bags. (Tutorial inspired by my favorite crafty mom blog, Crazy Mom Quilts. Produce bags inspired by running into my friend Laura at the grocery store while she was stuffing her produce into these.) This is my next step in the fight against the excessive use of plastic bags.

Our family has been making small environmentally minded changes in our daily lives over the past few years. We use reusable shopping bags. We've stopped buying/using Ziploc bags and plastic wrap. I'm trying to commute around town via bike more. I'm being more mindful about where the food we buy comes from and how it was produced. We more often hang our laundry on the line to dry in the spring and summer instead of just throwing it in the dryer. (Which is convenient at the moment since our dryer has decided to quit drying.) As we use up chemically clean…

Sunday Morning Silly...

Once in a while Dando's curiosity urges him to venture off the bookshelf so he check out other toys in the house.

I think he thinks Froggy is missing a few marbles.