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Greetings Time Out...

Wow...12 days is a long time to go without talking about just the little every day things that go on around here. Apparently I've become quite accustomed to that. So this morning I'm taking a time out to catch y'all up on a what's been goin' down at the Mavin house.
Tuesday after I finished checking email and posting here on my little spot, Brea informed me that she was working....moving her little fingers quickly over the keyboard of her little princess laptop as if she was typing.

She was very concerned about the fact her computer didn't have a mouse, asking "How do I do this?" (Waving her hand around off to the side of the keyboard as if rolling her mouse in it's mouse pad.) The things they do pick up by simple observation!

This morning as I watched Lexi walk down the drive on her way to school I was once again reminded how quickly she is growing up. On these cold snowy mornings I'm happy that I no longer have to bundle up Brea and myself to walk Lexi the block to school....but I'm also a little saddened about the confident level of independence Lexi has gained over the past few months. Not sad for her confidence....just that she's so independent. You parents know what I mean.

The cold and snow has been a bit of frustration for Tilde the past few days. She's, shall we say, a bit choosy about where she does her business sometimes. Not to mention she's easy distracted by every car that crunches by, by any leave that rustles, by every bird caught in vision hoping around looking for a snack. She's also a bit sensitive to the cold. Which means we've spent several potty breaks outside as of late with her frantically trying to find the "right" spot which never happens because soon she's sitting at my feet looking up at me with her sad hazel eyes alternately lifting her paws, ready to go in the house to warm up...after which we have to go out and try AGAIN because she still HAS TO GO! Thank goodness she has better control these days and hasn't resorted to just doing her business in the house!

I've been busy working away down in my new little workshop space getting ready for the holidays. Unfortunately for me (because you know how excited I get when I'm creating stuff) I can't write about any of it here because there are too many individuals who regularly visit this spot who are getting gifts that have been created down in the workshop. So you'll have to be happy with this picture of my "support" space as I like to think of it.

Hot tea, tunes, and lifelines to the outside world. The only thing missing is the box of kleenex and tin of holiday Hershey's kisses, which at the time I took this picture where on the other corner of the table. They have now made their way into the "support space" because I needed their old space for working! I love my new space and even though the basement isn't really heated, the little space heater does a pretty good job of keeping my space comfortable (with a sweatshirt and my slippers on of course). The only draw back is it's kinda like a casino. Without a view to the outside world I VERY easily loose track of how much time has passed and can, if given the chance, get lost down there for HOURS at a time! Not usually a problem, except I like to craft in the late evening which means I've had some shortened nights of sleep lately. (Which I guess isn't any different than as I was working through the Twilight series books early November through early last week. Talk about a book series that sucks your time away without notice!) Thankfully Christmas is only a week away...I think a nap will definitely be in order for this Mom on Christmas day!

Lexi had a Latin American music concert for school last Friday. (I do have a video to eventually post....maybe.) Unfortunately Scott was unable to make it as his car broke down on his way home from work. After a bit of a stressful weekend trying to figure out what all needed replaced to get George back in working order, I'm glad to say as of Tuesday night (thanks to Scott and Uncle Chris putting the new parts on in the COLD Tuesday afternoon) we once again are a two car family. I wish we didn't so much depend on having 2 working vehicles, but it's where we are in life right now with Scott's daily commute to Des Moines and my random schedule that involves running around town several times a day. I could commute by bike...but not this time of year with a layer of ice on the roads and wind chills below zero!

I think that about does it. Later today I'll continue on with our regularly scheduled programming for the day...


(I couldn't resist.)



Pink Heels said…
It is my goal...althought go without my phone and laptop for a full 7 days. I don't know if I'll make it but I am going to give it an honest effort.

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