Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Blanket of White...

Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. The kind that covers every available surface in white fluffiness. Thanks to the lack of wind, the world looked perfect.

I was so glad we had decided to travel home on Saturday...in the daylight hours. It meant driving through some wetness, but the ground was still warm enough to keep the roads safe. I'm not a good winter traveler.

As you can see, our hammock is still set up in the yard. For no good reason besides I haven't yet put it away even though it's been months since anyone has lazed in it's comfort. The snow made it look downy soft, though I'm not sure the cold would allow for much comfort.

The girls took advantage of the "warmth" of the day to play outside, building our first snow mouse of the year. Brea discovered the joy of eating snow. (And I'm hoping she truly understands about getting CLEAN mittens full considering we have 2 dogs!) For a few hours it was perfect winter weather...temps in the low 30s, no wind, lots of sunshine. Oh the joys of being a kid (and of having kids) on those special days.

It feels like December...and it looks as though we have a chance for a white Christmas again this year. (Though I'm not sure how we got to this place in the year so fast!!! 2008 in so many ways seems like such a blur.) As sudden as the arrival of the snow, I'm getting the urge to make bake up ginger cookies and turn on the holiday tunes. The start of the month also means we can begin the countdown to my brother's arrival from Texas around the 18th. I'm eagerly anticipating that day!


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