Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for the Sun...

I'm remote blogging today from sunny KC. Seriously, it's been a beautiful day here. What a blessing to be able to sit outside in jeans and a T (barefoot none the less) and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. A simple, but welcomed blessing.

The turkey is roasted. The dressing, sweet potatoes, and corn are baking. The pies are ready and I've already downed 1/2 a bottle of wine. Life is good.

Thanksgiving is possibly (after Halloween) my favorite holiday. No gifts. No specific religious ties. Just food and the chance to spend time with family or friends. That is such a gift in today's world of easy travel and the spreading of families across the country, and at times around the world!

Today I am thankful for the 2 hour conversation I had with my lovely Mom. Mom, I miss you so much on days like today my heart hurts. But I know our spirits are hugging even as I type this.

I'm thankful the chat with my brother (who is across the country in Nevada) as I strolled the suburban neighborhood in which my in-laws reside.

I'm thankful for my hubby and my two beautiful, cheer-filled girlies who brighten each and every day.

I'm thankful for my posse of friends who have loved, hugged, drank, biked, and laughed with me through the past year. (And beyond.) My heart is bursting with love because you are each a part of my life!

I'm thankful for life. For this amazing experience. This amazing journey. I recently read a passage in some yoga related article (the source is escaping me at the could be the 1/2 a bottle of wine) about living a purposeful and grateful life is NOT a race. We only get to take this journey once and getting to the end, to the finish line first, isn't really the point. That message spoke to me in so many ways...and so today, more than anything, I am thankful for the journey that is LIFE.

Blessings to you on this day of gratitude.


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Laura said...

Well said. see you soon!