Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk...

I talk...a lot.

Not necessarily because it's naturally in my personality to do so.

I have small I talk as a function of mothering.

I teach group fitness/yoga several times a day I talk (what seems non-stop) for an hour at a time as we work though class.

I come to write here...and well, you've seen the length of my recent posts.

My husband commutes out of town to work and we spend precious amount of time together at day's end before falling to our we talk.

Some of my dearest friends and family live far, far away and so we keep up mainly though email...and we've already established my ability to amble on in writing.

Even with those friends who live close by I seem to struggle keeping in touch because of our differences in schedules and so we turn to email or Facebook to "talk".

And when I get the rare chance to catch up with friends/family face-to-face or on the phone, I have so much to say I feel as if I could never shut up!

Talk, talk, talk, talk. It seems like words are constantly flying out of my mouth or through the tips of my fingers.

Over the past several weeks I've had some misunderstandings between friends and at times a lack of feeling truly connected to those around me. I wonder if all the words I've been "speaking" are truly sending my intended message, or if I'm just making a lot of noise.

And so, for one week, on this blog (because it's practically impossible to do in other aspects of my life), I'm taking a vow of silence. I feel as though the best thing for me to do right now is to STOP "talking" and LISTEN.

Starting tomorrow my daily postings for 1 week will simply be in photo form. (Because I'm still sticking with the challenge of fulfilling the goal of NaBloPoMo.) A chance for me to get words out of the way and share my daily observances through the power of images.

No captions.

No explanations.

No title beyond which if the 7 days of the Celebration of Silence Project it is. (I guess my little experiment has an official title now.)

Just because I'm not talking, doesn't mean you don't have to! In fact, part of this project is for me to practice listening. I can't do that unless you're talking. So...stop lurking and leave me a comment. A quote. A compliment. A critic. For the next week, I'm all ears. (And eyes!)

Until we talk again...


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Jennifer G said...

You can talk all you want.. I have a hard time filling up the air waves myself!!