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Quirky Confessions III...

Since leaving my full time job where I had to dress professionally each day to take on a more casual life as full time mom, part time yoga/fitness instructor, I've become obsessed with t-shirts and tank tops. Not just any Ts and tanks though, ones that have a message.

Don't get me wrong, these items weren't absent from my wardrobe before said transition. I've always had quite the collection of t-shirts. Who doesn't? If you've ever gone to a school; been a member of a group; played on/coached a team; participated in an event, chances are you've gotten a shirt to commemorate your involvement. Scott and I have had to repeatedly go through our t-shirts and thin them out to get them to fit in one LARGE drawer. (And I'm not even going to talk about the ones we choose to hang rather than fold.) Thankfully we haven't paid for probably 75% of the t-shirts in our drawer, so I don't feel to bad when they head off to Goodwill. And tanks, well let's just say my husband often wonders just how many ribbed tanks one girl needs.

In general I have a pretty basic wardrobe. Open my closet and you see a lot of black, white, olive, pink, and red. (Lately I've let a little more chocolate brown make it's way into the mix as well.) I've tried to step away from those basics, but it always back fires and I end up passing on the articles that don't fit my color guidelines without much wear. This general rule was/is the case with my professional wear (everything matches black in that category because I'm not a big dress shoe girl and if I find a pair or two I like, EVERYTHING has to match them!) and well, I guess it's just spilled into my casual wear too. (Though it's a lot easier to match "barefoot" than "black strappy high heels"!)

Now my "professional" wear consists of a lot of cotton/spandex, and cooling tech fabrics. (Of course all of which coordinate with black because we all know black is minimizing and when I've got something hugging my butt in the front of a class...I want all minimalization possible!) In between classes when I get a chance to throw on a pair of jeans or some crisp cotton shorts and a tank or T, I practically feel like I'm dressed up! And it's that daily wearing of tanks and Ts that has feed my obsession.

Actually, until last summer (2007), I was pretty happy with plain old shirts that didn't necessarily have ANY design on them. (Don't ask Scott about how many plain white, v-neck t-shirts I've come home with over the years. What can I say...I know what I like!) Then at the end of RAGBRAI I bought a shirt that summed up my first week long biking experience, and it's been down hill ever since.

Since then I've acquired some fun my pink Airstream shirt (inspired by Carlos),

my Gap (Red) T, a great long sleeve be.ology be.kind T from their vendor booth at the yoga conference I attended this spring (along with a SUPER soft organic cotton conference T), and this summer on RAGBRAI I picked up my notorious black Save the Ta-Tas tank top

I say notorious because I wear it ALL THE TIME (when it's not in the wash) and well, I haven't seen a whole lot of shirts like it floating around town. I sometimes wonder what's going through people's minds when they see me coming. (It probably doesn't help that I often go bra less when wearing this shirt because it's just the right combo of weighty fabric and snug, but not to tight fit that lends itself to such craziness! But maybe that's a topic deserving of it's own Quirky Confessions post.)

I guess there's just something I love about slipping into a soft, snug (but not tight), casual top that reflects a little bit about my mood for the day. (Or my mood in general I guess.) It's like the comfort that comes with putting on your favorite pair of jeans or a warn snuggly hoodie or your PJs.

Needless to say my little visit over to CafePress to browse Obama shirts earlier in the week, has me all worked up and wanting to add to the collection of opinionated upper body garments. I'm especially drawn to this beautiful image of peace, this simple quote from Buddha, the reminder to be compassionate with our care of the world around us, and this powerful Native American saying.

Just to name a few.

I'm trying to be strong...

no promises!



krista said…
How fun to have yoga-wear as your "professional" dress!! There's some super cute, comfortable stuff out there!
I'm not too dressy and far from wearing the latest trend. If I like something, you can bet I have it in several shades.=)
And I LOVE my running t-shirts! In fact that is one of the reasons I love going to's all about the shirt.

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