Friday, November 28, 2008

My Afternoon Hangout...

The suburbs depress me. I won't bore you with the reasons at this time. Let's just say, every time we come to visit the in-laws and are fully ensconced in suburbia, I'm reminded of the reasons we decided to relocated back to a more rural local almost 10 years ago now.

I mean yes, there is a Super Target not more than 5 blocks away (drool)...and as I discovered on my drive home this afternoon, not one but TWO sushi places within a 5 minute drive from the house (Boy how I wish I had a handful of ladies here with me for laughs over sushi and wine tonight!)...even so, I'm just not cut out to be a suburban soccer mom. I'm perfectly content to be a small town gal. It's what feeds my heart and soul.

After my disappointment of the morning, I was determined to find a little time to sneak out of the house for some ME time this afternoon...but I also wanted to do so in a way that allowed me to avoid the craziness of Black Friday. (I strongly dislike Black Friday craziness and usually totally avoid anything resembling a store the day after Thanksgiving.) I figured a coffee house, a little out of the way of the main shopping traffic, would be a safe option on this cool, overcast day.

After lunch, while the kiddos (and adults...mainly my hubby) were down for naps/quiet time, seemed like the perfect opportunity. After a quick consultation with Google maps, I picked my destination. I passed up 1/2 a dozen Starbucks within spittin' distance from the in-laws to check this place out. It was so worth the 10 minute drive.

I love locally owned coffee shops...and how perfect that it's also a bar. (I'm tempted to go back tonight for a pint to check out it's other persona besides the one I enjoyed for over 2 hours this afternoon with my trusty book to keep me company.) I felt right at home as soon as I stepped inside. The comfortable seating, the box of toys and shelf of random games, the funky music jammin' through the speakers. Just what my spirit needed today, and a comfy little sanctuary I'll look forward to visiting when we are next in town.


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