Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking to the Future...

Girls, your Mother here. In the future, when we go visit colleges which you are interested in attending:
  • I will expect you to dress, look, and act your age (17/18). Not like a 30-something-year-old headed to a job interview at a fortune 500 company.
  • I will NOT be wearing high heels to traipse around a college campus all day. May I suggest you choose more sensible shoes too.
  • If you Father and I are both with you on the visit, I will NOT be sitting in the back seat so my beautiful, brilliant daughters can sit shot gun. Sorry ladies, kids in the back.
  • I will expect you to be respectful of the places which you are visiting, giving people the same friendly smile and consideration you would offer up those in your own home town.
  • And while your Father and I will be there to support your decisions, I hope that you will base them on the quality of your programs of interest, not being afraid to follow your hearts regarding the WHOLE of your college experiences. Not making choices based simply on the name, reputation, location, or cost of any given school. After all, since I won't be there hovering around making sure you're OK, you best pick some place in which you can be happy on your own!
Glad we had this little discussion.



MS said...

Ha ha...what prompted this discussion?? I don't think you'll have to worry about your girls...

Jenn said...

Discussion prompted by something I witnessed yesterday around town. I'm assuming it was a big college visit day on campus. Wow.