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I'd Rather be Doing Yoga...

Don't get me wrong. You know I love coming here to express my feelings and thoughts. And I appreciate each of you who visits to read my ramblings. But today, at this time, it was not on the agenda to be sitting here writing with an ice pack on my knee.

For weeks I've been planning my day after Thanksgiving morning. I checked the schedules for the local yoga studios, I even emailed to Darling Yoga to make sure that this morning's 9:30 Vinyasa class was still being held. I have been playing and replaying in my mind the routine I intended to be my Friday morning. Right about now we'd be getting warm, the sweat would be beading on my skin, my breath would be deap and smooth. We would be finding our flow.

But as we all know, sometimes the best laid plans have to be scrapped...sometimes for totally unknown reasons.

I find it kind of ironic that I exercise for a living...well, ok, I TEACH exercise for a living, but that requires a fair amount of DOING during classes...yet a casual stroll through the nieghborhood yesterday is apparently the cause for this morning's pain and stiffness. It's my left medial meniscus ...and a little patellar tendon. (Yes, I'm self diagnosing as usual.) I'm guessing things was slighly out of alignment and the combo of a casual stroll and an afternoon spent on my feet in the kitchen were just enough to make it cranky. The totally weird knee hasn't been bothering me AT ALL...for months if not years! (Basically since I began practicing yoga regularly.) The stiffness started last night, but I thought maybe a good night's rest would be enough to quiet down the revolt. Apparently not.

So, after popping some Ibruprofen this morning in hopes the pain would subside enough to allow me to head to class...which didn't work...I gave in. I dished up a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast (after all I did't have a piece yesterday after dinner...which naturally means it was a perfectly acceptable breakfast in my book) and poured a big cup of coffee and have spent a good portion of the morning mopping around...hardly able to hold a conversation with anyone for feared the tears will start flowing.

I'm upset that my STUPID knee hurts for no good reason. I'm upset that I'm not going to get a chance to just be a STUDENT in a yoga class on a day when time constraints and other responsibilities are plesantly a location I won't be visiting again for months. I'm sad that my planned morning for ME has been interupted. And admittedly, I'm having a hard time thinking this isn't just one more example of how life isn't fair sometimes. (Though I hardly think the universe is that petty...I'm just mad and want to point a finger.) Boo.

On the flip side...I don't have ANY hip or lower back pain today and no sciatic discomfort. Interesting. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining.

Well, I'm in the metro area and have probably spent enough time feeling sorry for myself. I think my book and I may head to a local coffee joint to spend a little quality time together....NOT shopping as is I'm sure happening in MAD form all around me...and unfortunately NOT doing yoga.



MS said…
Oh bummer...I was thinking of you today and wondering how the class was. Well, this just means we have to get to Des Moines or IA city for a class soon!

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