Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...

As has previously been established, I'm not usually one to follow politics. But I think we would all agree that this year's election is pivotal and even those of us who usually turn tail at the first sign of a political discussion have perked our ears and readied ourselves to make our vote count.

On Friday the girls and I headed to Des Moines to have lunch with Scott. Lexi didn't have school, the weather was beautiful, and it was nice just to get out of town for a bit. As chance would have it, Obama was in DSM that morning for a rally. I had somewhat spaced that fact off (though I don't know how I could have with the number of reminder phone calls we got earlier in the week!) until at lunch we were seated near some people who had attended the rally sporting their Obama gear...t-shirts, buttons, the usual garb. After lunch, the girls and I parted ways with Scott and headed to the zoo to check out how the animals were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. On our way we passed the airport. Right there parked on the tarmac was a plane sporting the Obama logo. My heart skipped a beat and I tried to grab a quick picture before it was out of site. Due to a slight argument with my camera, no luck. Only the memory of that fleeting moment remains.

What? Me getting excited about..gasp...something related to politics? Really? Wow!

Since that moment I've wished that I would have myself had the fore-thought to get my own piece of Obama gear to wear today as I headed to the polls. I would have proudly worn and Obama shirt today (and beyond regardless of the outcome of today's election). From the his classic and highly recognizable logo, to designs more environmental and peace oriented, CafePress has no lack of Obama designs to suit everyone's taste. Heck, someone even created a Obama gear with a little Om! Actually the selection is overwhelming. And while yes, technically I could still order a shirt, I don't know, it feels a bit anti-climactic at this point. Almost silly. Not saying it might not happen before night's end, but...

Totally uncharacteristically, I'm nervous for the poll results to start rolling in and will be, as I'm sure thousands of others will be, glued to my TV tonight to watch as history is written. It's 4:30...hours from when polls across the nation close for the night. I think maybe I should grab a beer and turn on some Marley...I need a little destraction!


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MS said...

OH, the Ombama stuff is so cute! I wish I would have known! I'm biting my nails...and having a glass of wine!