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Look Who Had a Sleepover...

As you can tell, many giggles were had during Marie's short stay.

We love you Miss Marie! Hugs until next time...


Home, and Headed Out...

We made it safely home from the KC metro area this afternoon. Thanks to my loving husband for driving through the constant precipitation while the thermostat hovered around the 33 degree mark.

So now that where home, what's on the schedule...a night out with my peeps! We'll miss you Jason.


My Afternoon Hangout...

The suburbs depress me. I won't bore you with the reasons at this time. Let's just say, every time we come to visit the in-laws and are fully ensconced in suburbia, I'm reminded of the reasons we decided to relocated back to a more rural local almost 10 years ago now.

I mean yes, there is a Super Target not more than 5 blocks away (drool)...and as I discovered on my drive home this afternoon, not one but TWO sushi places within a 5 minute drive from the house (Boy how I wish I had a handful of ladies here with me for laughs over sushi and wine tonight!)...even so, I'm just not cut out to be a suburban soccer mom. I'm perfectly content to be a small town gal. It's what feeds my heart and soul.

After my disappointment of the morning, I was determined to find a little time to sneak out of the house for some ME time this afternoon...but I also wanted to do so in a way that allowed me to avoid the craziness of Black Friday. (I strongly dislike Black Friday craziness a…

I'd Rather be Doing Yoga...

Don't get me wrong. You know I love coming here to express my feelings and thoughts. And I appreciate each of you who visits to read my ramblings. But today, at this time, it was not on the agenda to be sitting here writing with an ice pack on my knee.

For weeks I've been planning my day after Thanksgiving morning. I checked the schedules for the local yoga studios, I even emailed to Darling Yoga to make sure that this morning's 9:30 Vinyasa class was still being held. I have been playing and replaying in my mind the routine I intended to be my Friday morning. Right about now we'd be getting warm, the sweat would be beading on my skin, my breath would be deap and smooth. We would be finding our flow.

But as we all know, sometimes the best laid plans have to be scrapped...sometimes for totally unknown reasons.

I find it kind of ironic that I exercise for a living...well, ok, I TEACH exercise for a living, but that requires a fair amount of DOING during classes...yet a casu…

Thankful for the Sun...

I'm remote blogging today from sunny KC. Seriously, it's been a beautiful day here. What a blessing to be able to sit outside in jeans and a T (barefoot none the less) and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. A simple, but welcomed blessing.

The turkey is roasted. The dressing, sweet potatoes, and corn are baking. The pies are ready and I've already downed 1/2 a bottle of wine. Life is good.

Thanksgiving is possibly (after Halloween) my favorite holiday. No gifts. No specific religious ties. Just food and the chance to spend time with family or friends. That is such a gift in today's world of easy travel and the spreading of families across the country, and at times around the world!

Today I am thankful for the 2 hour conversation I had with my lovely Mom. Mom, I miss you so much on days like today my heart hurts. But I know our spirits are hugging even as I type this.

I'm thankful the chat with my brother (who is across the country in Nevada) as I strolled the subur…

Laugh Out Loud Fun...

My husband sent me one of those email things yesterday. You know, the type where you follow the directions and then forward it on to others with your answer in the subject line. Very rarely do I participate in these things, and since people know that fact, very rarely do I receive them. However, this one was pretty funny so I decided to send it on to a couple of friends.

Well, if I thought creating my own sentence was funny, the responses I got back from my friends ACTUALLY MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!

So I decided to post the short, easy to follow instructions here so that you too can form YOUR sentence and leave a comment letting everyone know a little something about you.

First to start your sentence, pick the month you were born:
January-------I kicked
February------I loved
March--------I karate chopped
April----------I licked
May----------I jumped on
June----------I smelled
July-----------I did the Macarena With
August--------I had lunch with
September----I danced with
October-------I sang t …

Remember When...

Memories can be triggered in so many, many ways. Today while I was cleaning my office/guest room/the room where everything gets stashed "out of the way", it was a pile of beer stained coasters/postcards that did the trick.

Good times came to mind as I laughed through our various scribbled messages.

Good times with the dearest of friends. One of the many things I'm thankful this season.


That's the Way of the Bob...

Bob who you ask?

Bob Marley?

Bob Costas?

Bob the Builder?

No, Bob the anteater from It's A Big Big World on PBS Kids.

Being a family without cable, we are so lucky to have a great line up of fun kids focused programing available throughout the day on Iowa Public Television. It's a Big Big World is a great show...diverse animal cast set in a rain forest who talk about caring for their shared home, the World Tree...well you can read about it at on their website if you really want to know.

Anyway, there's this song about Bob the anteater called The Way of the Bob. Well, technically I don't know what the name of the song is because I can't find it online to link you to a sample of it's melodic tune.

No, it's not some genius composition. It doesn't even have many lyrics. But on days like today when I hear it filtering through the house during our morning get ready routine...I end up singing it in my head ALL DAY LONG.

All day.

Seriously annoying.

Maybe I should go tu…

Chuggin' Along...

The Sunday busyness list was pretty well tackled today. In addition to shrink wrapping the living room windows for better draft protection (crossing my fingers that it indeed makes a difference) I managed to dig up the holiday ribbon ties for the curtains. Slowly but surly I'm finding the more clean, organized, and presentable house that used to once exist here in our little home.

And just like that...the weekend is drawing to a close and we're starting to prepare for the week. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that week is only 2.5 days in length...and then it's back to the weekend! Thank goodness for holiday breaks. This tired body could use a little break.


Saturday Busyness...

Living room cleaned and rearranged in anticipation of the trimming of the holiday tree...


Sunday's busyness list includes, among other things, shrink wrapping the living room windows to see if maybe we can keep it at least within 5 degrees of the rest of the house.

Little things are slowly getting checked off the "to do before the end of the year" list in my head. Slowly, but progress is being made and that makes me happy.


Holiday Gifts...

So, as will be a topic of an up coming post, the whole holiday gift giving process is a HUGE source of stress for me.


As I said, I'll explain later about that.

But for now, let me just say IF I was making a list this year, this would be right at the top. (The big one...I need gigs!)

Well, after some things that aren't necessarily THINGS.

But again, I'll explain about that later.


Back to Words...

One would think after 7 days of being quiet here, I'd be full of wordiness to spill out on this page. As it turns out, I'm not. I mean there are topics I want to write about over the next few weeks, but for today I'm OK with keeping it brief.

Off to read stories with the girls and tuck them snug into bed, make some tea and then snuggle down with my book myself.


Celebration of Silence Project, Days 6 & 7

Day 6

Day 7

Celebration of Silence Project, Day 5

Celebration of Silence Project, Day 4

Celebration of Silence Project, Day 3

Celebration of Silence Project, Day 2

Celebration of Silence Project, Day 1

Talk, Talk, Talk...

I talk...a lot.

Not necessarily because it's naturally in my personality to do so.

I have small I talk as a function of mothering.

I teach group fitness/yoga several times a day I talk (what seems non-stop) for an hour at a time as we work though class.

I come to write here...and well, you've seen the length of my recent posts.

My husband commutes out of town to work and we spend precious amount of time together at day's end before falling to our we talk.

Some of my dearest friends and family live far, far away and so we keep up mainly though email...and we've already established my ability to amble on in writing.

Even with those friends who live close by I seem to struggle keeping in touch because of our differences in schedules and so we turn to email or Facebook to "talk".

And when I get the rare chance to catch up with friends/family face-to-face or on the phone, I have so much to say I feel as if I could never shut up!

Talk, ta…

Browsing the Quilts...

We are so lucky to have a great quilt store here in town, Grinnell Fiberworks. Normally my taste in quilts is pretty traditional. Old fashioned patterns. Simple color schemes. I'm especially drawn to 30s reproduction fabrics and scrap quilts.

Grinnell Fiberworks is not one of those stores. Not traditional. Which is maybe why I love it so much. It makes me step out of my normal comfort zone and think about ALL the possibilities when it comes to fabric and quilting. Their selection of batiks...amazing. Plus they offer imported Asian and African (to name just two) that are simply gorgeous. Walking through gives me inspiration to keep dreaming that one day I will have more time to quilt!

Currently on display down at the shop is a gallery show celebrating Iowa art quilters. (Not that there's not always beautiful quilts on display there!) Last Friday the girls and I were chillin' out and so we decided to stop by the quilt store for a browse. (It helps that the shop has a play co…

Looking to the Future...

Girls, your Mother here. In the future, when we go visit colleges which you are interested in attending:
I will expect you to dress, look, and act your age (17/18). Not like a 30-something-year-old headed to a job interview at a fortune 500 company.
I will NOT be wearing high heels to traipse around a college campus all day. May I suggest you choose more sensible shoes too.If you Father and I are both with you on the visit, I will NOT be sitting in the back seat so my beautiful, brilliant daughters can sit shot gun. Sorry ladies, kids in the back.
I will expect you to be respectful of the places which you are visiting, giving people the same friendly smile and consideration you would offer up those in your own home town.
And while your Father and I will be there to support your decisions, I hope that you will base them on the quality of your programs of interest, not being afraid to follow your hearts regarding the WHOLE of your college experiences. Not making choices based simply on the …

Cleaning Frenzy...

It starts off innocently enough. I decide to tackle a cleaning project. Like today, I wanted to pick up our bedroom, clear off the dresser, and give the floor a good vacuum to catch all the dust/dog hair bunnies floating around the room. Simple enough. So I start picking up. I clear the trash off the dresser, take the books to the bookshelf and unwanted magazines to the recycle bin. As I start vacuuming I move the little night stand to get behind it, which prompts me to move the bed...and before you know it I've moved as much furniture from it's usual spot as possible and am on my hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water washing baseboards grumbling in my head about how there are probably people in Africa living in dirt floored huts who manage to live cleaner than we do! At this point everyone, including the dogs, have sensed it's best to just stear clear of my war path.

I have to admit, I have kind of a a manic-depressive housekeeping style. For the most part, our hous…

What a Difference...

a week makes!

One week ago today, Brea's poor little lip was a swollen mess of yucky. Kids are amazingly fast healers.

The girls are busy playing while I bustle around doing the normal Saturday morning activities: starting some soup on the crock pot, trying to get a handle on the end of the week dishes that seem to always get out of hand by Friday night, drinking my morning coffee while checking email and browsing blogs. Lexi tracked me down to inform me she was a princess mommy. She's taking care of 2 kids and 5 dogs. I suggested maybe she find new homes for some of the dogs. Her response:

"They do get annoying sometimes. So do the kids. But I can't get rid of them. I love them all."

Who says pretend play isn't a good training tool for real life!?!?!?


Quirky Confessions III...

Since leaving my full time job where I had to dress professionally each day to take on a more casual life as full time mom, part time yoga/fitness instructor, I've become obsessed with t-shirts and tank tops. Not just any Ts and tanks though, ones that have a message.

Don't get me wrong, these items weren't absent from my wardrobe before said transition. I've always had quite the collection of t-shirts. Who doesn't? If you've ever gone to a school; been a member of a group; played on/coached a team; participated in an event, chances are you've gotten a shirt to commemorate your involvement. Scott and I have had to repeatedly go through our t-shirts and thin them out to get them to fit in one LARGE drawer. (And I'm not even going to talk about the ones we choose to hang rather than fold.) Thankfully we haven't paid for probably 75% of the t-shirts in our drawer, so I don't feel to bad when they head off to Goodwill. And tanks, well let's ju…

First of the Season...

We woke this morning just in time to see the first white, fluffy flakes of the season floating from the sky.

After pointing out the snow to the girls, Brea turned to me and asked:

"Is it winter now?"

Close Monkey. Very close.


Another Spot for You to Visit...

My brother is using a blog as a teaching/discussion tool in the class on sustainability that he's teaching this semester at Southwestern University. Do me a favor and check it out.

Do his class a favor and lend a comment!

It's his hope that posting and receiving comments will help his class dialogue in a broader manner than if they just talked amongst themselves in class. That using a blog can help expose them to other's ideas and experiences. This class is only 6 weeks don't waste any time!

I'll be doing my part in offering them something to talk about. How about you?

In case you missed it here to get to the SU "Greener" Lifestyle blog.



The Door to Their Minds...

One Saturday afternoon, several weeks ago, Lexi and Brea spent the day coloring and decorating their door. I normally don't allow them to tape things on the walls or doors...but since they had started before I realized what was going down...and because I just can't stifle creativity like this... it has stayed.

I love examining the pictures, over and over again. It's like getting a little peek of what's going on in their minds.

And, I'm glad that no dinosaurs are allowed. That's a load off my mind!


1 Billion Plus...

That's how many Americans stepped out of their own little worlds yesterday to cast their vote. Over a billion people all coming together on one day to let their voices be heard. Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the election, that small fact is one to be proud of as a nation. I think regardless of if your "blue" or "red", we can all agree this was a historic election year in many, many ways.

I'm hopefully for our nation. I'm hopefully for the future of politics and have no doubt this campaign/election will forever change how politicians interact with the people who have the power to send them to office. That this campaign/election will forever change how we the people look at our ability to affect the decisions pondered by our government officials. I'm hopefully that my kids will grow up in a more accepting, more inclusive, more passionate, and more compassionate nation. For the first time, in quite some time, I'm hopeful and pro…

Election Day...

As has previously been established, I'm not usually one to follow politics. But I think we would all agree that this year's election is pivotal and even those of us who usually turn tail at the first sign of a political discussion have perked our ears and readied ourselves to make our vote count.

On Friday the girls and I headed to Des Moines to have lunch with Scott. Lexi didn't have school, the weather was beautiful, and it was nice just to get out of town for a bit. As chance would have it, Obama was in DSM that morning for a rally. I had somewhat spaced that fact off (though I don't know how I could have with the number of reminder phone calls we got earlier in the week!) until at lunch we were seated near some people who had attended the rally sporting their Obama gear...t-shirts, buttons, the usual garb. After lunch, the girls and I parted ways with Scott and headed to the zoo to check out how the animals were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. On our way…

Chocolate is Sexy...

I had never really noticed the little tag line on a 3 Musketeers bar until today as I was swiping one out of Brea's trick-or-treat basket...

"Whipped Up, Fluffy Chocolate-on-Chocolate Taste."

It made me laugh. How sexy for such an innocent little candy bar.

(Did you know they now come in mint? Hmmmmm...chocolate and mint...I've never heard of such a crazy combination. I think I may have to research this fact!)



The past couple of days I've noticed this talk about NaBloPoMo on a few of the blogs that I read. So I decided to check it out. Apparently NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month. The goal, to post every day for 30 days during the month of November. Sounds fun. So I signed up to be a part of the event being as I had already posted the first 2 days of the month.

And then after completing my profile, I deleted it. I mean I really need to have my info floating around out there on ONE MORE social networking site? No. Enough is enough already. It's like Twitter. Cute idea, easy enough concept, but I don't see the difference really between it and Facebook status updates. Since I'm already fully invested in Facebook, no Twitter for this gal. (And the MySpace page is going away too. Seriously, I already spend enough time farting around here!)

So back to NaBloPoMo. While I'm not an official member, I'm still going to pick up the challenge and see if…

Kids and Dogs...

I think it's every dog owning parent's worst nightmare...having a beloved pet bite one of your precious children. Unfortunately yesterday that worry became a reality in our house.

I've had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember. As a farm kid I was surrounded by animals...dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cattle, rabbits, once when I was little we even had a goat. So it's only been natural for me as an adult to have animals as part of our family. From cats to dogs to fish to our current rodent resident, Herman the hamster, we've always had at least one non-human family member to look after. After loosing our cat this spring, our current animal menagerie includes Herman and our two rescued shelter doggies, Jasper and Tilde.

Jasper joined our family a little over 6 years ago. Scott had stopped at the shelter one day just to see what dogs were there for adoption and soon Lexi and I were joining him for a visit with Jasper. When we walked into the kennel room I instan…

What Do You Get..

when a woodland fairy...

and a pirate...

get together?

A whole lot of trick-or-treating fun!

We could not have asked for a more beautiful night last night for trick-or-treating. The weather was warm, without any wind. After walking down our somewhat quiet block to a street where more young families live (our immediate neighborhood is somewhat older in age) the girls (and their parents) had so much fun going door to door for treats and running into friends who were out for some Halloween fun. Scott and I were almost giddy with excitement over the fact that good-old-fashioned-small-town Halloween fun does still exist and isn't just a memory from our childhood days!

I did learn that taking pictures in the COMPLETE dark is more challenging that one would expect. I mean how are you suppose to get a good shot when you can't find your subject in the viewfinder in the first place? (We got a bit later start than we had planned after spending the day enjoying the beautiful weather in Des Moi…