Sunday, October 12, 2008

With Courage and Grace...

I'm cheating today and double posting the same post on both of my blogs. But I feel strongly about the message and thus, wanted to share these thoughts with all of you who may not also visit my other spot, Happy Daisy Yoga.

After attending a couple of conference sessions with Max Strom this past spring, I signed up to receive his monthly e-newsletter. It's often filled with wonderful words of insight and encouragement that always make me take a moment to stop and think. Today's newsletter was no exception.

"Today we cannot pretend to know the outcome of these global financial events. Catastrophes create new opportunities. Often when things explode in our face, they also blow open new doors. We can reinterpret this negative situation into A Wakeup Call for Action and Wisdom.

To have our courage stripped away by others is something we cannot afford to let happen. Money and property can be taken away by others, but our strength of spirit and human good is ours alone to keep or give away." ~ Max Strom

With the current state of world affairs, shortly following what has been a trying year for me and my family on a personal basis, it's nice to be reminded that we posses the strength to weather this storm...and that we can choose to do so with Grace. I am thankful that my yoga practice and the small local yoga community (and larger global yoga community of which we are all part), combined with the loving support of friends and family, have allowed me to remain mostly positive, grounded, and strong through the past 15 months of adversity which my life has faced. I truly believe the strength and love I experienced/found during such a scary and difficult time has better prepared me to move forward in life, regardless of what struggles lie ahead.

I do worry about the state of our future. Of what the world will look like as my two young girls come of age and enter adulthood. However, I'm also optimistic that the human race can learn, can grow, and can readjust the state of affairs to make for a better world. I choose to move forward with strength, and grace, and hope, and courage. I hope that you will join me.


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