Wednesday, October 8, 2008


One of my biggest joys as a mother is watching the incredible, magical bond between my two girls. Whether it's coloring together, playing babies, playing school, watching a movie, chalking on the sidewalk, swinging, or digging in the sand box, their ability to play so well together for hours at a time amazes me. Lexi is a great big sister. Such a natural nurturer who is patient and kind to her little sister. Brea looks up to her big sis with adoring eyes. And even though they have their moments of differences, they are the best of friends.

Lexi has blossomed into quite the reader as of late. She devours books and, luckily for both her parents and her little sister, she never tires of reading to Brea. Lately when I listen to her read, I can't help but smile at the emotion she gives her stories. Last night while I was making supper, the girls were sitting just a few feet away reading The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. I couldn't help but stop slicing and dicing to listen...and then quickly (but quietly as to not let her on to what I was doing) I grabbed my little camera to get a bit of her reading "on film" so that I could share a little bit of this special moment with you all. I think she got a little nervous once she realized what I was doing, but oh how special to watch her grow



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MS said...

Oh, now I can comment up here. Whatup with that? Anyway, good job Lexi! You are a great big sister!