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Quirky Confessions...


We all have them.

You know, those little things you do that make you who you are...even if sometimes they don't make sense.

I love people's quirks. Like the fact my husband who needs little order or neatness in his day-to-day life, has a totally organized closet! Who would have guessed it? (Love you honey.)

So, at a time when the world is all full of seriousness, I've decided to celebrate the silly little things that make me who I am. Even if that means having to laugh at the absurdity of some of my own quirks. I guess officially that means I'll have two "regular" features here now, even though Thoughts from the Shower haven't been flowing real freely as of late. (I have been showering though. Don't want you to think I'm just hangin' out here all stinky!)

So today's confession involves...our dishes.

A couple years ago I traded in our random Corelle Ware dishes that we had mix and matched from the outlet store in college, for some inexpensive, but colorful stoneware. Four place settings in blue. (Dark, almost navy.) Four place settings in yellow. (Like the color of mustard.) For the price (a totally of $30...I told you they were cheap!), I thought it was a nice change and a great compliment to our Tibetan Red kitchen. Plus, with small kids in the house, if something were to get dropped and broken, no big deal. (We're not quite at a point in life where spending the money on Fiestaware would make much sense. Someday!) What I didn't realize at the time that I purchased them is how freaky I would become about HOW they are stored in our CLOSED DOOR cupboards or how they are arranged on the table when set out for a meal.

Always alternating in color. That's what I need.

On more than one occasion I've opened the cupboard after someone else has put the dishes away and found them "out of order." Naturally, I rearrange, because we just can't have that! (I know, those of you who have been to my house know the general state of clutter and disarray in which we live on a day to day basis and you are SHOCKED at this secret from the cupboard. It's can laugh about it.)

But it's sad to say my obsession doesn't stop there in the cupboard. When we set the table for a meal, I always feel better if the colors of the plates can alternate as we go around from place setting to place setting. With a family of 4, accomplishing that is easy. Imagine the dilemma when ONE guest comes to our house to eat. There is NO way to alternate colors when you set the table for 5! (Keep laughing.)

On occasion (OK, this is maybe where it gets a little weird I'll admit), I make a choice of what color of plate I eat off of depending on which color will best show off my food. Mac-n-cheese looks like crap on mustard yellow, but fabulous on deep blue. A plate full of nachos made with blue guessed it, goes on a yellow plate. Pasta with a nice red tomato based sauce looks nice on either color.

I don't know what's more embarrassing...admitting all of this this OR telling you the fact Lexi has caught on to this little quirk AND SHE TOO works to keep colors evenly distributed. (Mommy is sorry honey. I'm sure it's not the only oddity you'll pick up from me unfortunately.)

Maybe I can chalk it up to a search for balance and aesthetic beauty.

Maybe I'm just a freak.

At least I guess it's good for a laugh!



Sara said…
It will not surprise you that I am the exact same way! and yes, we all know about my Type-A personality! for me it is all about the feeling or mood evoked with the coffee cup I pick out each morning - and the people I think of when I drink out of them. Like you! I love your quirks!

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