Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quirky Confessions, II...

I prefer ODD to EVEN numbers. OK, I'll admit, sometimes it's a little more than just a preference. I can't explain it, but for as long as I can remember I've been attracted to odd numbers. It's not like I FREAK out if confronted by an even number, but in situations where I can control the number of things, you can almost bet they will be odd. Here's some examples of how weirdly aware of the number of things I sometimes am in my life.
  • My favorite number is 3, followed closely by 9 (3, 3s) and then 7.
  • I like the number 13 even though most people believe it to be unlucky.
  • The humans in our house all celebrate our birthdays on an odd numbered day. Lexi and I's birth dates also happened in odd numbered months during odd numbered years. Scott was born in an even numbered month in an odd numbered year. Brea was born during an odd numbered month in an even numbered year.
  • Our wedding date was picked because it was an odd numbered day. The original date I chose, May 27, 1995 (all odd numbers) had to be abandoned because of family conflicts.
  • The full first names of both my daughters have an odd number of letters. Alexandra (9) and Breanna (7).
  • Knowing only the approximate date of Tilde's birth, we picked to celebrate her birthday each year on 11/13...original year of birth, 2007. (Yep. All odds.)
  • My chosen jersey numbers in high school were all odd numbered; 9 and 13 for volleyball, 53 for basketball. (Oddly enough, my husband's chosen jersey numbers, 10 and 42, are both even.)
  • I like zero. I don't consider it odd or even.
I can even find the odd numbers in most even numbered situations. (It's like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father can take any word and show you how it's origins are Greek.)
  • There are 4 people who live in our little house, but it's 3 girls and 1 boy.
  • Even though Lexi, Brea, and I (Jenn) have 4 letter nicknames, when combined with our last name, the total letter count for each of our names is 9.
  • Our wedding party (ring bearer and flower girl not included) of 6 could be split into 2 sets of 3 (3 girls, 3 boys) and when combined with the pastor was a group of 7, or 9 with the flower girl and ring bearer included, when standing at the front of the church.
(I'll pause so you can roll your eyes and and laugh at the absurdity of all this rambling.)

Of course, there are times when things are just even and that's how it has to be. Take for example the counts associated with teaching fitness classes. Aerobics music is based on 32 count phrasing. Almost everything we do in a fitness class is done in sets of 2, 4, 8 or one of their multiples. Trying to fit things into any other count feels awkward and just flat out doesn't work. Definitely an instance when the use of even numbers is necessary!

And there you have it...my odd oddity.



Marisa said...

I find this amusing, but only because I'm exactly the same way...but with even numbers! Things have to be even for me, I like symmetry. Although I haven't gone as far as you with names and dates, everything else, when I can control it, has to be an even number. I'm happier with 14 kids in my classroom rather than 13!

Pink Heels said...

Now this is a fascinating talent!

MS said...

How come I can't comment on the post above?? Thank goodness Brea has another source to help fulfill her insatiable appetite for books! Nice job, Lex!