Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Festival in Living Color (and some other photography stuff)...

I cleaned our carpets this afternoon which means for a bit we all have to find things to keep us busy while they were drying. Lexi was at a friend's. Brea was napping. Scott was busy watching football (meaning taking a nap while the game was on). So I decided to sit down at my computer and play with photos.

One of the things I love about this blog is the photos. And then there's the wedding photos that can be seen here and here, both talented freelancers. All these photos jump off the page at you with color and detail. And I love that. And while I've been working really hard at capturing a complete photo "in camera" that doesn't require much processing once downloaded, I know Photoshop is an amazing tool that I really could utilize more in regards to livening up the color in my photos. Feeling pretty confident lately with the composition of my photos, I've decided it's time to explore color saturation. I don't know why this has scared me in the past. I always maintain the original RAW files as shot and save changes as a new file. So there's really no reason to give some new adjustments a try!

Last night was the annual Fall Festival at Lexi's school. As a organizing member of the PTO, I wanted to grab some pictures not only for our family scrapbooks, but for the PTO scrapbook as well. Today while the carpets were drying I decided to use this collection of photos, which are full of color because of the nature of the event, and see what I could do to make them pop. I started with pictures that I felt were well composed and started playing around with adjustment sliders. Once I got started, it was hard to stop!

Then I decided that this was also a good chance to see if I could "save" a well composed shot that had a bit of lighting issue. I started with this:

And finished with this:

Naturally all this playing around got me to thinking about how I processed Allen and Shannon's wedding photos, and I wondered how saturating the color and playing around with shadows and the such could change some of the images. So I chose this photo as my guinea pig:

And livened it up into this:

Needless to say, now I want to go reprocess them ALL! (Shannon...let me know if you want me to reprocess any shots specifically and add some of my new found pizazz!)

More than anything all this messing around confirmed:

A. Why I love digital photography so much and am thankful I made the jump into shoot mostly in RAW format;


B. How LITTLE I know when it comes to utilizing all the tools available to the digital photographer...or should I say, how much I still have to learn!

Luckily for me, I love the challenge of learning!


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Laura said...

I love seeing pictures of so many friends from the fall festival. Your photographs are breathtaking!